Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sorry About Yesterday

I'm still a prisoner to Comcast foibles. We tried to make some changes in our Comcast account and they managed to screw everything up. I don't have TV and won't have until Monday (takes them that long to get a tech out here). My Internet was down yesterday. It went down right after I updated the Bull Cutter. But we did manage to get it back up, thankfully.

"IT'S RACIST!" "Unless we do it against Trump." That's what liberal writer Charles Kaiser thinks. At least, that's what he said as a guest on CNN. He whined about the imaginary "white supremacist rhetoric" bandied about by Trump supporters, no doubt referring to Jeff Sessions, who had the temerity to mention the "N word" while crushing the Klan in court once. Then he said using that word was okay if used against Trump, then used it on live TV, on CNN. What a DOOFUS!

"BREITBART IS A PESTILENCE": That's what the Washington Post says, anyway. In a recent article by Ruth Marcus, they unload all their "buzzwords" such as racist, sexist, and all-around offensive web site. I wish I could see the writer's face as she wrote this bilge. It's probably red as an old fire engine. They're mad because Breitbart reports the news they want to ignore, and tells the truth about them. Thus, incurring the "wrath of liberals," which. to them, is "the wrath of God." If it displeases them, it must be terrible. Breitbart must be doing something right.

CHANGING THE RULES: The Democrats lost the election, and lost BIG! So now they want to change the rules, as they do every time they lose. Remember, Obama lost the popular vote in 2008, with not a peep out of the Democrats. I've always thought it was pretty stupid to allow the politicians to change the rules, for the CURRENT candidates. They wanted to do that during the primaries, too. Only that time, it was the Republicans who wanted to do it, to take the nomination that Trump won easily away from him. We need to make a constitutional amendment to keep that from happening, ever. If they're successful in this instance, it'll cause a rebellion, and I'll be one of the LEADERS!

WHITE RAGE IS THE REASON: That's what one "professor (who happens to be black and female") thinks is responsible for Trump's victory (I don't mention that because of racism or sexism, it's because it has a bearing on her OWN racism). She's abominably STUPID if she thinks that. It's white/black/Hispanic/everybody rage that is responsible. People are tired of being screwed over by their government, and they made a "clean sweep" of those responsible (most of them, anyway). Hopefully, they'll get rid of the rest, soon. Chuckie Schumer is a good example.

THE FLAG IS OFFENSIVE? Hampshire College has removed the American flag from its campus, saying it is "offensive." To whom? To the Muslims going to school there mostly on our dime? Certainly not to a "real American." How can the flag of your country be "offensive?" This illustrates the abject STUPIDITY of some college bosses. Such people should be summarily REMOVED from any position of authority, anywhere, for their STUPIDITY. And these people pretend to be intelligent enough to teach our impressionable kids. NO wonder most of them have such IGNORANT views when they graduate!

IMPEACHMENT? The liberals are talking about impeaching Trump before he even gets inaugurated. For WHAT? Because they don't like him? There are specific causes given in the Constitution for impeachment, and the opposition not liking a president is NOT one of them. Somebody needs to teach these Democrats something about our Constitution, so they won't try such unconstitutional crap. Of course, Democrats commonly violate the Constitution, so why not here? Democrats are throwing everything they can think of up against the wall, hoping SOMETHING, anything, will stick, and they can reverse a LEGITIMATE election that went against them.

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