Friday, November 11, 2016

Broken "Glass Ceiling"

Hillary likes to make a "big thing" about not being able to "break the glass ceiling" and becoming president, as a criticism of society. What she completely ignores is the fact that Kellyanne Conway is the first woman to ever lead a SUCCESSFUL presidential campaign. If that doesn't "break the glass ceiling," I don't know what will. I'd say Conway is a good prospect to be Secretary of State. Or something even more powerful, like chief of staff. But you can bet on one thing: the Democrats will not take note of this. She's a Republican, so it doesn't count, in their lexicon.

PUFFED-UP IMPORTANCE: Talk about a "puffed-iup sense of importance!" Joy Behar, of "
The View," says,"The View is now the only 'check and balance' on Trump." Damn! She must really think that low-rated show that is held up by phony audience figures is a lot more powerful than it is! She discounts the Constitution, which is the REAL "check and balance" on a president, as if it didn't exist. What a "brain-dead fool" she is!
She has proved that many times, and here's another.

WHEN'S WHOOPI LEAVING? "When is Whoopi leaving for Canada? Thought she’d be on a jet plane by now. Whoopi has an exaggerated view of her importance and of her relevance. The sparkle fell off her star long ago. She actually thinks people really care about her opinions. Obviously the majority Americans disagrees with everything Whoopi stands for." (From the Patriot Tribune) Whoopi Goldberg, like many "celebrities" who pledged to leave the United States if Trump got elected, LIED. She's not going anywhere, just like most of the other damned fools. We just can't seem to get rid of these idiots!

OBAMA: "TOO EARLY": Obama says, "It's far too early to discern what the electorate was trying to say." What? Can he be that much off a damned fool? Or is he just trying to gloss over the fact that the electorate "slapped down" the Democrats, and their entire program. Health insurance, taxes, massive spending, power gay rights, men in women's bathrooms, all of it. He CAN'T not see that. He's just refusing to ADMIT it. What the electorate said is crystal clear to human beings. But not to Democrats. They talk about "unity," but they mean, complete capitulation to THEIR aims. They think they can negate what Trump is going to do by cons and swindles and "honeyed words." They're gonna run into a brick wall.

"SLAPPED 'EM DOWN GOOD!" Trump engineered the absolute BIGGEST victory for the Republican Party since the twenties. He not only won the White House, the Republicans retained, even INCREASED their majority in the Congress. Republicans unseated many, many Democrats in state-wide elections. Democrats lost THOUSANDS of seats and many governorships, all over the country. And this is the guy they said would "ruin the GOP." It didn't happen. Trump did enough damage to the Democrat Party that they may never recover. And good riddance!

RACISTS KNOCK TRUMP: The most racist group in the world knocks President-Elect Donald Trump, calling him a racist. The Muslim Brotherhood says Trump's election is a "disaster for Muslims," and they're right. Trump doesn't believe the LIE that most Muslims are "peaceful Muslims," and will stop the "willy-nilly" importation of Islamic terrorists disguised as "refugees." He will put a stop to liberal courts "rubber stamping" Muslim wishes and start treating them equally, which they'll consider a "disaster." It's funny. Nobody ever called Trump a racist until he ran for president against a Democrat.

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