Friday, November 4, 2016

What'll They Call Him?

On the small chance Hillary gets elected, with all her unresolved scandals, what will the Secret Service and the White House staff call Bill? It’s “customary” to refer to a former president as “Mr. President.” But since he is no longer president, and his wife MIGHT be, it can be confusing. That’s just another reason NOT to vote for her, among many others (if not the most important one). If the American voters are STUPID enough to actually elect her, they will get what they deserve. I won’t care for myself. I’ll be dead. But I hate it for my son, and his progeny, and the rest of my family (those that aren’t as old as I am).

TRUMP IS PULLING AHEAD: As the election day draws nearer, the pollsters get closer and closer to the truth, so they won’t be put in the position of being TOTALLY wrong score their polls more honestly than before. He’s really been ahead all along, but they’ve gone to great lengths to hide that fact, hoping to disillusion the American voter so they won’t vote for Trump. It hasn’t worked, and it’s beginning to dawn on them. Now they just want to be right when he wins.

HILLARY’S PIPE DREAM: She’s promising an “end to violence through civilian disarmament.” Of course, what we’ll get is ILLEGALLY armed CRIMINALS on a “rampage,” since all the law-abiding people will be disarmed, and DEFENSELESS against their ILLEGAL guns. Thank God she doesn’t have a chance in hell of ever becoming president! So she’ll never be able to disarm all LEGALLY-armed Americans and make them defenseless. Damn, this woman is STUPID

YOUR VOTE MATTERS!” That’s what Obama says. And he says “that’s especially true for “young people.” Why is that? Is it because “young people” haven’t been ALIVE long enough to be able t see through his scams, like us “older folks” can? It doesn’t take too many years of “paying attention” to figure him and his liberal cronies out, and those kids haven’t been on this Earth long enough to learn how. But they still vote. I think we need to raise the voting age to at LEAST 30.

HONEST MISTAKE”: Obama says Hillary’s e-mail crimes were an “honest mistake” and people are “going after” her for that “honest mistake.” But her owning her own e-mail server for use while Sec. Of State was NOT an “honest mistake!” It was a CALCULATED effort to keep Congress from knowing the content of her e-mails, and avoid FOIA requests. That’s a CRIME! It also opened her e-mail to being “hacked,” and other governments being allowed to know about the actions of a high government official, and to learn our secrets, which is ANOTHER crime! Obama thinks we are gullible enough to believe that crap!

IT’LL DESTROY MY LEGACY!” Obama says, “A Trump presidency will destroy my legacy,” as if that were a BAD thing! I think that’s one of the best things that will come out of a Trump presidency, and Obama and Hillary are frightened it is going to happen! Anything that will destroy what Obama has done in his 8 years is good, in my book. Trump will destroy much of his “legacy” in the first few days of his presidency. It will take more than one day, because his abominations are legion.

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