Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"Not Going to Help"

Chuckie Schumer says, "We are not going to help Trump build his wall." Well, surprise, surprise! Nobody asked ya, Chuckie! You're part of the "swamp" Trump has pledged to drain. So why should he expect your help in ANYTHING? He doesn't NEED help from Democrats in doing ANYTHING. So you can jut stand back there and criticize his every move like you usually do, while he "drains your swamp." He doesn't care.

CLINTON FOUNDATION SUFFERING: Their "donations" are going down, down, down, now that she can no longer promise "special consideration" from the Oval Office. That's all she had to sell, and I'd bet the "speaking engagements" (bribe fests) have disappeared, too, for both of them. Without the "promise" of her being president, there's no longer any reason to give the Clintons money.

"NO CHARGES FOR HILLARY": Trump is now saying he will not pursue any charges for Hillary in her e-mail scandal, which is a complete departure from what he said while campaigning for the presidency. He says the Clintons "are good people." How he gets that is anybody's guess. I hope he didn't LIE to us tp get elected, only to "put it in reverse" and continue what's been going on for years, as a lot of politicians do. Maybe he WILL pursue charges in the investigation into the Clinton (Crime) Foundation, I don't know.

SCHOOL BUS DRIVER CHARGED: The school bus driver in that accident that killed SIX school children in Chattannoga has been charged. Some say six. Others say five. The driver was charged with five vehicular homicide charges and several other charges. I've seen a picture of him and his "wild-haired do." There will probably be more charges after they test him for drugs. No, a silly "do" isn't illegal. But it does tell intelligent people a lot about how he thinks, and what kind of a life style he has chosen. How he even got hired is beyond me.

"FAKE NEWS": The liberal media has announced a "campaign against fake news." They think it's in the "alternative (conservative) news sources, when it's in THEIR news sources. the alternative news was STARTED because of the fake news that was being put out BY the liberal media, which is erroneously referred to as "the mainstream media." Not only that, the GOVERNMENT is the SOURCE of much of that "fake news." They're making a "big noise" about this to cover their own guilt in the "fake news department."

CAT OUT OF BAG: Angela Davis, a KNOWN communist, has "let the cat out of the bag" with her advice to "progressives" to "increase your activism." Now why would she be interested in "progressives" continuing their activism? Because that activism leads to SOCIALISM, which is just a different form of collectivism from communism. She's not worried about ":coming out of the closet," because collectivists have had many years since she was "found out" to make collectivism more acceptable to foolish Americans. Even so, collectivism, under whatever name it uses to fool us, is EVIL, as it is BASED on THEFT from the producer of new wealth for the benefit of those who produce NOTHING.

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