Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Obama's Swagger

I didn't know a man could "swagger" while standing still, but Obama did it at his first press conference since meeting with President-Elect Trump. I only heard a little of his speech. I wanted to hear his side of the story, but listening to him extolling his own virtues and "accomplishments" (which don't exist) made me physically ill. So I took a Mecazine to keep from barfing and turned off the sound so I didn't have to listen to his braying. I'll be glad when he can no longer "take over" a big bloc of air time for his braying.

"RETHINKING ELECTORAL COLLEGE": That's what Bernie Sanders thinks we ought to do, because the Democrat candidate is RUMORED to have won the popular vote, but lost the election in the Electoral College. That the Electoral College is the way we've been electing presidents since the very beginning does not seem to matter to Democrats, when they lose. When they WIN, they think the Electoral College is "just peachy." If she DID get more popular votes, it is because of all the illegal aliens voting, as well as all the FELONS provided by Obama, and Terry McAuliffe, just in time for the election.

MORE COPS, MORE VIOLENCE: Chicago has "partnered with" several federal law enforcement organizations to help "stem the gun violence" in their city, without an appreciable reduction in the said "gun violence." They are concentrating on "hot zones" where the most gun violence occurs, which HAPPEN to be "black areas," where the people there are predominantly black So, of course, they will be accused of concentrating on black males. And the inevitable shootings between black criminals and cops will be painted as cops "targeting blacks." All those "gun laws," of course, do NOTHING.

GONNA DO IT ANYWAY! Red Skelton (for those of you too young to know that name, a popular comedian some years ago, who had a routine about a "mean wittle kid" who said, "If I do it I get a whippin'! I do it, anyway!" Trump says he doesn't want to hurt the Clintons, they're "good people." How he figures that, I don't know! But now he says he wants to appoint a "special prosecutor" for Hillary's crime investigation" with a view toward actually CHARGING her if the evidence demands it, unlike those "investigating" her before.

PILING SCORN ON COULTER: Ann Coulter was one of the early pundits who predicted a Trump win, while most of the others said confidently, that he COULDN'T win. They piled scorn on her from that moment on, but were forced to SHUT UP when Trump won by a big enough margin that all of Hilary's "dirty tricks" and election fraud could not overcome it. This will give you a good indication of how much you can depend on most of the pundits to be right (not at all!). And Coulter's stock went up meteorically.

MY SIMPLE REACTION: My reaction to all those fools who confidently predicted a Hillary victory, is simple: HAAAAAHAAAAAHAAA! That's the simplest comment I can make about a Trump victory. Trump is not perfect. But he is more perfect than Hillary ever THOUGHT to be. He may even make some mistakes. He may even do something to displease ME! But he is WORLDS better than Hillary would EVER be. He is NOT the racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe the Democrats paint him to be. They never did show any PROOF of those accusations. What they put forth as proof was simply their OPINION, which was not only wrong, but STUPID!

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