Sunday, November 6, 2016

Is Revolution Coming?

This country came into being because the (British) government tried to disarm the populace, and they rebelled. They created a government dedicated to INDIVIDUAL freedom, and the freedom to be armed in self defense. The politicians have been trying since before the ink dried on the Constitution, to take away those rights. And they’re ready to fight to keep them. I don’t want another revolution, chiefly because I don’t know what kind of a government will come out of it. But I see one coming.

BANNING BULLETS: They can’t just ban guns, so the politicians, who have been trying to ban guns since before the ink dried on the Constitution, have come up with a solution: “Make guns useless by banning BULLETS, which are not mentioned in the Constitution." They’re using a sick Eagle with “lead poisoning” as an excuse, and are trying HARD to ban bullets. Gun sales are soaring, because the people fear Hillary will be elected president in spite of all her crimes. If they ban ammunition, their guns will be USELESS, which is what the politicians want, so they can better take away the rest of our rights without getting shot. What I want to know is, how are they going to find all the existing bullets for confiscation?

ELECTING A CRIMINAL: I don’t know if we have, or have not elected a criminal to the presidency in the past. We have yet to elect a KNOWN criminal, but are about to. The evidence against Hillary Clinton in SEVERAL felony investigations is indisputable, even though the (In)Justice Department and the FBI have yet to indict her, and probably won’t, until AFTER the election (only if Trump wins). The FBI has been trying HARD, but has been obstructed by Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department at every turn.

IGNORANT CELEBRITIES: Hillary had several well-known celebrities appear at one of her rallies the other day. It seems to be the only way she is able to draw a crowd (one of her rallies had to be canceled after not one person (except her campaign workers) showed up, and she wasn’t able to HIRE anybody to make it look like she had a crowd. Those celebrities have no idea what they’re supporting, but they show up, anyway. She probably pays THEM to show up. Trump has only his family and REAL supporters, and hosts tens of thousands. And many pundits say he can’t win? Gimme a BREAK!

TRUMP’S “ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT?” The Secret Service jumped on stage and rushed Donald Trump off it as people shouted “gun!” Other SS people jumped the man, who turned out to be a life-long Republican who just wanted to unfurl an anti-trump sign. There was no gun found. Trump was back in a few minutes, saying, “They won’t stop us!” The guy was questioned and released, later, after an embarrassing experience. Democrats will predictably make the most of this, blaming Trump, of course.

OBAMA’LL TAKE CREDIT: Taco Bell has announced plans to expand in the next few years, creating 100,000 new jobs. Sure, the economy is demonstrably bad, but people gotta eat. That’s not something Obama can control, though he’ll take credit for it, even though it was completely Taco Bell who created new jobs. Politicians keep saying private enterprise can’t create new jobs, only politicians can. But reality proves otherwise. All politicians can do is create an ATMOSPHERE whereby private enterprise CAN create now jobs. But mostly Democrats don’t. They do just the opposite.

JUSTICE DEPT. “PUSHBACK”: The NYPD wanted to release to the public what they found on Anthony Wiener’s laptop, in addition to the 650,000 Hillary e-mails they thought were “buried,” and which Wiener thought of as “insurance.” That includes information about 20 visits to a “child sex island” for Bill, and at least six for Hillary. That’s according to Breitbart, at which they will scoff. But Loretta Lynch is threatening to “prosecute” somebody in the NYPD if they do, and she doesn’t even want that information to result in ANY prosecutions. This is what Lynch is. The presidential crime facilitator. That’s what Eric Holder used to be, and she is “carrying on” his work.

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