Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Comey Came Through

He finally came through for Hillary. He is now saying that, after reviewing those 650,000 e-mails found on Huma Abnedin’s husband’s (Andrew Weiner) laptop (an impossibility in the time allotted), the position of the FBI has “not changed’ from that previously announced in July. Well, I guess the Hillary folks came up with enough money or promises, or threats to satisfy him, and he thinks he can quell the “revolution” brewing in the FBI over his previous conclusions. What he didn’t mention though, is the allegations of child sex trafficking also found on that laptop, which is a lot more serious.

HILLARY’S OBSCENITIES: Beyonce and Jay Z performed at a Hillary rally last night. One that was sparsely attended, not nearly as many people as were expected for a FREE Bayonce and Jay Z concert. But Hillary made sure the liberal media cameras were up close to make it LOOK like there were more people there than there were. Meanwhile, Jay Z was shouting obscenities as part of his performance. If that ever happened at a Trump rally, we’d have never heard the end of it. But the liberal media predictably “glossed it over.” Beyonce, to her credit, did not use obscenities—at least, not that I heard.

"CLEARED" BY THE FBI: That’s what Hillary and her liberal friends are saying, but that’s a LIE, as usual. Comey detailed her CRIMES last July, and said the more recent reopening of the case did not change his conclusions that, since “she didn’t mean it,” he wasn’t going to recommend indictment. That’s a far cry from “clearing” her. It’s only saying he doesn’t think he should prosecute, since “she didn’t mean it.” Since when did that make a difference when a crime was committed? Since this is Hillary, of course.

TRUMP AHEAD: As I write this, they have results from 16 states, and Trump is firmly ahead. I don't know what's going to happen in other states (he just won another three), but so far, it looks good for him. The trend is definitely running in his favor. I know that doesn't necessarily mean anything, because other candidates have led in early returns, but later have lost the election. But it does give us hope.

CAN IT BE ALL OVER? It’s November 8. Tomorrow this election will be “all over but the shouting.” And there WILL be “shouting.” Whoever loses will not “go quietly into the sunset,” as Gore didn’t in his election. UNLESS Trump wins BIG! If there is no question who won, as there wasn’t in both of Ronald Reagan’s successful elections, then they’ll have to “shut up.” This election will be over. But the next one has already started. We seem to have a perennial election cycle.

NO MORE HILLARY: If she loses, and I think there's a good chance she will, we will no longer have to listen to her braying every day. I know, she will probably not “shut up.” Politicians never do. But at least we will not be subjected to her daily “scream fests” for a while. I’ve gotten so tired of listening to her screeching, I turn off the sound when she speaks. I do that with Obama, too, and have, for some time.

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