Wednesday, November 2, 2016

"Scare Tactics On Voters"

Hillary is hinting at an insurrection, probable nuclear war, if Trump is elected, in a desperate effort to FRIGHTEN people into not voting for him, and voting for her. If that does happen, it will be ENGINEERED by Hillary Clinton! If all her efforts (with the help of George Soros) to steal this election fail, that’s “plan B,” This election is not about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. It’s a “movement,” made necessary by the excesses of Barack Hussein Obama and other liberals.

AMERICA INVENTED SLAVERY:” That’s what many college students think, having been taught that by their liberal/biased professors. That completely IGNORES history, and the fact that half the reasons for most wars in the past, all over the world were to get slaves to work for just “room and board.” They wouldn’t even feed them if they could keep them alive and work them some more without it. And where did OUR slaves come from? Africa and the Middle East! This kind of thing makes me wonder why we pay exorbitant prices to send our kids to those “liberal brainwashing centers.”

PRINCESS CHELSEA’S HERE!” Hooray! Chelsea’s going to be in Denver today! So everybody’s SO excited! Really? I’M not excited that a no-talent kid is coming to Denver. She’ll probably get the “presidential treatment” with the motorcade, and traffic delays for us peons, so she can get where she wants to go with a minimum of delays, and a lot of “pomp and circumstance.” Chelsea got a six-figure a year job in the TV industry because of her last name, with NO talent. And she’s probably being paid big bucks to campaign for her mother. That’s not something I get excited about.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FOUNDED AMERICA!” That’s what some of the liberals are trying to tell us now. Forget that, at the time these people came here, there WASN’T an America, until THEY founded it and fought a WAR to keep it. So there could NOT have been such a thing as an “illegal immigrant” when they arrived. It’s a typical twisting of history liberals are famous for. So disregard it, since it’s the usual “pipe dream.”

HILLARY SELLS ACCESS: Some of the e-mails in the latest batch discovered show that Hillary, Chelsea, and Bill actively SOLICITED donations to their foundation, and “speaking dates” (at exorbitant fees) for Bill and Hillary, WHILE she was Secretary of State. That is, if not a clear violation of the LAW, an “ethics violation” that should ban her from ANY public office, forever. So if you vote for her, you’re voting either for a FELON, or at the very least, an UNETHICAL politician, for president.

FBI INSURRECTION: More than 100 FBI agents threatened to resign and “tell the world” about Comey’s “coverup” of Hillary’s felonies. So if you wonder why, all of a sudden, DAYS before the election, he reopened the investigation when he found 650,000 hidden e-mails they kept well hidden before, that might have had something to do with it. Way to go from “incorruptible” to a “political hack” with one move. At least, according to Democrats. You're only a "political hack" when you displease Democrats.

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