Thursday, November 17, 2016

"Dodging A Bullet"

Would you really like to have a female president who resorts to violence on her staff because she lost an election? The woman who threw an ash tray at her husband once, and had to be physically restrained to keep her from injuring staffers Robby Mook and John Podesta, and who thought Obama should have STOPPED Comey from doing his job? A woman who was heard to be crying inconsolably after election results were known? A woman with a temper like that with access to the "nuclear trigger?" I don't THINK so! We're well rid of her.

OBAMA LIES AGAIN: It just seems like Obama cannot tell the truth, about ANYTHING. after MONTHS of telling the world his "legacy" was "on the line" in this election, while the world KNEW a "president Hillary" would be an extension of his administration, now she has lost, he is telling us it "was NOT about him." Hillary lost it on her own "merits," and all his efforts were for naught. One of his biggest lies, and probably not the last he'll tell as president. He's still breathing, isn't he?

TWITTER'S HARD DECISION: Twitter is "on a tear" canceling as many "right wing hate speech accounts" as it can. Does it DARE to cancel an account belonging to the new president of the United States, who uses it regularly? Good way to find out just what a president can do. Anyway, who gets to define "hate speech?"

POOR BABIES! It's jist orful! The media is all bent out of shape because Trump didn't tell them about his having dinner with his FAMILY at "21" the other night. Yes, I know. It's TRADITIONAL for a president, OR a president-elect to tell them things like that, But maybe he just wanted a couple hours "out of the fishbowl," to which he is entitled. They've spent the last few months insulting him every day, so maybe he just got tired of it.

TALK ABOUT STUPIDITY! An anti-gun professor at Rutgers has been investigated by the cops for saying all white people should be SHOT! And liberals accuse US of racism! Now, if that isn't a MAJOR contradiction, I don't know what is! And these people pretend to be smart enough to teach our young, impressionable CHILDREN, who haven't been on this Earth long enough to know any better than to absorb the stupidities people like this professor teach them, and spout it to other people as if they were their own ideas

OBAMA FOOLS HIMSELF: He told an audience in Germany that "The American people think I did a pretty good job as president." That's why they were so anxious to get rid of him, and his "clone," Hillary, I guess. He continues to be "in denial" as he prepares to go quietly (or maybe not so quietly) into the mists of history. I wouldn't be surprised if they had to go in and haul him out, kicking and screaming. He did such a LOUSY job as president that it will take YEARS to set things back to rights.

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