Thursday, November 10, 2016

They Said He Couldn't Win

Then they said he would cause the Republicans to lose their majority in the Congress. So Republicans won even more seats than they needed to maintain their majority. How many more times will they be wrong about trump? I'm having a lot of fun predicting just how wrong they will be. They said he couldn't win primaries. Then that he couldn't get the nomination. Then that he couldn't win the election. He did all these things, and the pundits, unashamedly continued making wrong predictions.

OUR HOLOCAUST: Germans knew in their hearts the Nazis were oppressing the Jews. That they were even KILLING them in large numbers. But they didn't admit it to themselves. They tried to ignore it while Hitler murdered 6 million Jews. Now Americans are doing the same thing. They're ignoring the infanticide that is going on right in their midst, with the cooperation of people who just want to have unprotected sex without having to raise the result. This is our holocaust, and I'm ashamed of the Americans who are accomplices.

WHO NEEDS HER? In her much delayed concession speech, Hillary said she's ready to "work with Trump" to make the country better. Who needs it? She is part of the problem. some of the things she did caused a lot of the problems we face today. Nothing she can do would mitigate that. If she tries to stick her nose in Trump's business, her interference should be rejected. Anything she does will be to advance her own agenda, not Trump's. Send the, witch home with her tail between her legs.

CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT: The Democrats can't seem to figure out why they lost, BIG. That's probably because they just don't understand that they went too far, led by Obama's atrocities in ignoring their treasured Constitution with seeming impunity while the Republicans let him get away with it. They don't see what they did as an excess. To them, what they did is the "natural way of things." Liberals get to RULE, while others OBEY. They have no idea that they pushed America too far, and this is the result. And they never will. They aren't smart enough.

BUYING THE BS: You'd be surprised how many fools hate Donald Trump. All they've heard from Democrats for the last 17 months are the LIES that Trump is a racist, sexually assaults women (with no proof), is a "dictator in waiting (also without proof)," and many other nasty things, of which he was never accused until he decided to run against a Democrat. Democrats do a good job of demonizing their opponents, as witness the hatred with which Bush was held after being elected TWICE to the presidency. NOTHING that was said about Bush by Democrats was true, and neither are the things they say about Trump.

HILLARY PARDON: Obama is "open to a blanket Hillary pardon." Which is a good example of one crooked politician making sure another crooked politician can't be prosecuted for her crimes. Lame-duck politicians should be stripped of such powers, so they can't "legally protect" other crooked politicians from prosecution for their crimes. Ford did it for Nixon, and he committed far fewer crimes than did Hillary. Of course, that was the "fix" he insisted on before he got rid of his VP and installed Ford, guaranteeing hin to be the next president.

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