Sunday, November 20, 2016

"Trump Is Wrong"

That's what admitted socialist Bernie Sanders says about Trump saying "Global warming is a hoax." He says, "Global warming is NOT a hoax!" Seems to me if you gotta say that, it IS a hoax. Especially if FACTS prove it IS! They've been pushing the idea that the "globe" has been warming at a dangerous rate, when it hasn't been warming at all for almost 20 years. And they had to change the NAME of their swindle so they could attribute ANY weather anomaly to it without being laughed at, and continue to "coin the dough." It has made AlGore billionaire!

"THIS PISSES ME OFF!" That's what The View" panelist and former comedienne Whoopi Goldberg says about Trump's selection of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Am I supposed to CARE? Is what "flaming liberal" Whoopi (the Fart) Goldberg says supposed to MEAN something to me? Like most liberals, she is mightily impressed with her own importance, and the importance of her own pronouncements. They do nothing for me. They're simply unimportant.

DNC CHOOSES REAL RACIST: The Democrat National Committee has chosen a MUSLIM, one of the most bigoted, racist "religions" going, to be their national chairman. And they criticize Trump for offering the AG slot to Jeff Sessions because Democrats CLAIMED he was a racist and refused to confirm him for the Supreme Court, at a time when they CONTROLLED the Senate?

PUT 'EM IN PRISON!" Speaker Ryan says they're going to DE-FUND Planned Parenthood, "for a while." What? They ought to be in prison, waiting execution for infanticide. PP has MURDERED millions of innocent, defenseless BABIES, before they even had a chance at life! They deserve to be terminally punished for it. Not just have their money cut off, "for a while!" And then allowed to go on murdering defenseless BABIES.

AMMO YES, VOTING, NO: In New Jersey, they want to require photo ID in order to buy bullets. Never mind they say that is UNFAIR to require the same for people who want to exercise their constitutional right to vote--ONCE--in an election, without a requirement they be IDENTIFIED to make sure they don't vote more than once. They claim it is UNFAIR to "minorities" when it comes to voting, but not when it involves buying bullets.

HAPPENS EVERY DAY: I could write about concealed carriers stopping crime every day, if I wanted to, because it HAPPENS every day, somewhere--putting the LIE to the anti-gun fools' assurances that concealed carriers CANNOT do anything about crime. This one is slightly different, in that it doesn't involve a gun in the hand of an attacker. In this one, a man came into a small convenience store in Sherman, TX, and tried to kill the clerk with a machete. He was routed by the clerk, who was a concealed carrier, and shot him. He was last seen by the clerk "running for the hills."

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