Sunday, November 13, 2016

Is Comey Getting Fired?

That's what they're asking, now that Trump is the new president. Sure, he's getting fired! ALL the Obama cabinet members are getting fired! That's what normally happens when a new president comes into office--UNLESS the new president is a "clone" of the old one. And you can't describe Donald Trump that way! So a lot of people in Obama's world are going to "go home with their tails between their legs," following Obama and Hillary.

AIN'T GONNA GO AWAY! Don't look for Hillary's legal problems to "go away:" after her election loss. They can only INCREASE now that she's no longer "the anointed one." Her support among the "intelligentsia" is going to go away, instead. A new FBI Director will take over and the investigation will be again reopened, this time for real. And all that damning evidence will no longer be ignored. I think prison is in her future. Bill and Huma, too. For Wiener it's a surety.

"HOW'D TRUMP GET ELECTED?" That's the question now being asked by the liberal fools who thought Hillary was a "lock" to become president. They just don't understand that the American people "in flyover country" have had enough of the oppression that comes with a liberal (Democrat) administration, and they got RID of it. Republicans now control all three branches of government, and Democrats have lost thousands of legislative seats and governorships all over the country. Their pre-eminence is at an end. At least, for the next four years (maybe 8), until they get their "dirty tricks" back up and running to undermine what the Republicans do. That's the only thing they're good at.

SHE'LL PROBABLY WIN, TOO! Chelsea Clinton is going to run for a Representative's seat from New York. she has absolutely NO qualifications for the job, no background, and no other reason to even try, except her last name is Clinton. Which means, considering the makeup of New York voting pool, she will probably win, and collect yet another six figure salary while doing nothing real, as she did with her previous job in television. The Clintons are the best I know at "sucking up" public money in return for NOTHING. And Chelsea is nothing if not a Clinton.

REID'S FULL OF MANURE: As usual, Harry Reid is full of it. I think he defecates with his face over the pot. He's now saying that Trump's election "doesn't absolve him of his 'grave sins and bigotry' against America." What a LOAD of hooey THAT is! But then, I expect that of Reid. He thinks all the "brown stuff" that comes out of his mouth is a "profound statement," and everybody should listen, and believe. Notice, he gives no details of just what "grave sins and bigotry" of which Trump is guilty. That's because he CAN'T, because there AREN'T any.

IGNORANCE REIGNS SUPREME: Over two million fools have signed a petition telling the Electoral College to vote for Hillary, in spite of election results, That shows a complete ignorance of how this country works. The Electoral College voters are BOUND to vote for the candidate who won the most states. Just like those fools who want Trump to be impeached in his first week as president elect, they're STUPID. All it is, is "sour grapes" because they didn't win.

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