Saturday, February 7, 2015

Harry Truman's Advice

Pat Boone wrote (in WND) what purports to be a letter that Harry Truman (The last president who DID “end a war” by WINNING it) would write to Obama. It boils down to one short paragraph: ”Drop hellfire on them and WIN the damned war, right now! Stop messing around CLAIMING to have 'stopped two wars,' by “running away, and DO it. The first thing to do is ADMIT we are in a war with Islamic terrorists, and ACT that way. Don't ever believe they're willing to “negotiate.” They've shown many times they're not. So “take them out,” and be done with it; Use everything you've got and don't worry about what a bunch of liberals would say.” “Give 'em hell Harry” says, “give 'em hell!”

IS THERE ANY GOLD LEFT? Ft. Knox is supposed to be holding the nation's reserves of gold; the very BACKING for our currency (Except it isn't, any more). Is there ANY left? Have the politicians spent it all behind our backs? Why then, have they REFUSED to allow an AUDIT of that gold, ever since the Eisenhower administration? How can they DO that, legally, and without causing a “firestorm” of criticism? I think federal marshals should go in there with guns drawn and DO an audit, whether they want to let them, or not. There should be no part of government that is not open to inspection.

WE'RE LOSING THE WAR: The war against Islamic terrorists. Obama won't even say the NAME of the enemy. He won't use the name, “Islamic terrorists.” He sponsors some ineffectual “air raids” in Iraq and Syria, supposedly to “cripple” ISIS, but which don't. Blowing up a couple of pickup trucks on a lonely road does NOTHING to “cripple ANYBODY. He refuses to use the FULL POWER to which he has access to STOP them, preferring to do “selective strikes” to “limit their effectiveness.” Until he starts taking this war seriously, we will continue to lose. Jordan did more damage in ONE DAY than we have done, TOTAL.

SHERIFFS TO OBAMA: “Go to hell!” Obama's HHS chief, Jeh Johnson, sent a letter to mayors and sheriffs, telling them their HHS money could be cut off if they didn't support Obama's ILLEGAL “executive action” regarding illegal aliens. The mayors immediately “caved,” sending a letter to the GOP urging then not to vote to defund those ILLEGAL executive actions. At least two sheriffs (one of them in Colorado, making me proud) told him to “go to hell with his money, they'd follow the LAW, and to “take their strong-arm tactics and stick them.”

DEMOCRAT DEFENDS ISLAMIC TERRORISTS: Democrat Howard Dean (the screamer) says you should NOT call the murderers of eleven people in Paris Islamic terrorists because they spoofed ”the prophet.” Why not? That's what they are. That's what they PROCLAIMED themselves to be after the murders, screaming to the skies, “We avenged the prophet! For what earthly reason should we NOT call them Islamic terrorists? That's what they call THEMSELVES!

IS IT AN ATROCITY? People are concerned that nobody—NOBODY has been allowed into the vaults at Ft. Knox to make sure the government has not sold our gold. That would be a serious problem, if true. They describe it as “an atrocity.” But is it? A serious problem, yes. But an atrocity? No. That's a word too often used, and has become blunted in its intensity by that. It's an atrocity when somebody cuts the head off a child after raping her. But spending the nation's gold, while serious, is NOT. We all too often overuse certain words, causing them to lose meaning. This is one of them.

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