Friday, February 20, 2015

"It's Only One Judge"

Eric Holder (outgoing attorney general) comments on that federal judge blocking Obama's “executive action” on illegal immigration: “It's only one federal judge. We plan on taking it to a higher court (where the fix is in) for a REAL judgment. In other words, that judge is just a PEON (from TEXAS, fergawdsakes!) and his ruling really means nothing to us. We'll get a REAL ruling later where we can control things. Meanwhile, I expect them to continue ENFORCING that “executive action” as if that judge's order didn't exist.

JOBS TO STOP ISLAMIC TERRORISM? In an obvious revelation of their incompetence, the government recently said what we need to stop Islamic terrorism is a “jobs program“ for Muslims. What unmitigated STUPIDITY! Islamic extremists don't want JOBS! They have made it plain that ALL they want is for the WHOLE WORLD to be Muslim, or DEAD! The people in our government who say this are desperately casting about for an excuse not related to the REAL reason that they can blame, so Obama doesn't have to FIGHT Islamic terrorism—which he refuses to even NAME..

FUNNIEST HEADLINE EVER! Thanks. I needed a good laugh, and this headline gave it to me: “Global Warming Protest Scuttled By Cold Weather.” I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair. My kids thought I was having a seizure. But I haven't enjoyed such a laugh in a long time. This couldn't have shown the FALLACY of believing in Global Warming better. I'm sorry to scare them, but it WAS a lot of fun!

LIKE THEY'RE PROVING THEY'RE STUPID: Instead of “toning down” their atrocities after seeing the human being response to the beheading of 21 Christians, ISIS has now beheaded 45 Christians at the same time and videotaped it, LIVE. They wanted to make sure the world saw it, and see it, we did! Now we're REALLY coming after them and we will keep at it until every one of them are dead, hopefully in the most painful way possible. We will END them. That's not a brag, that's a PROMISE! People who would do that kind of thing don't deserve to keep their own head on their shoulders. If Obama won't do it, I know some people who WILL! They think they're FRIGHTENING us. But what they're doing is "stiffening our backbone" and they're going to suffer for it later.

INCOMPETENT, AS USUAL: Nobody who is familiar with Obama and his staff's “expertise” in legal matters is surprised at that Texas court's blocking of his ILLEGAL “executive action” regarding illegal immigration. The courts have stymied him dozens of times in the past because of his faulty preparation of pleadings. He should be used to it, by now. It would be a good thing if this was ALL they were incompetent at. But they are also incompetent to GOVERN. It'll be a good thing when they're gone.

IS IT A HATE CRIME? The question has been asked, :”Is criticism of Islam a hate crime?” Just asking the question is a demonstration of ignorance. As Americans, we have the RIGHT to criticize ANYBODY or ANYTHING. And they have the right to gripe about it. It is NOT a “hate crime.” That's just an Islamic scheme to SILENCE all criticism of their atrocities and crimes. And they're not the only ones to use that scam.

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