Sunday, February 22, 2015

Muslim "Grievances"

Obama is holding an “anti-terror summit” at which he has come up with the idea that basically we MUST “answer the 'grievances' of the Muslims and they'd stop killing us.” What a LOAD of bullsh-t THAT is! Before they started killing innocent people, they had NOTHING they could call “grievances.” What they call “grievances” are what we have done to STOP them from killing us. What about OUR grievances? Obama continues to come up with this kind of bullsh-t to cover up the REAL reason for what they do, their wish that the whole WORLD be Muslim, or DEAD. They make no bones about that.

ASK A DUMB QUESTION: One question being asked on the Internet today is this: “Would you go into a restaurant that allowed guns?” My answer is an emphatic “Yes.” “Gun-free zones” are an INVITATION to those who would VICTIMIZE people stupid enough to believe good people with guns are dangerous to anybody but a criminal. So, yes. I WOULD go into a restaurant that allowed guns so, unlike a woman doctor in Texas, who had to watch while a shooter murdered her parents because Texas law wouldn't allow her to carry the gun she was LICENSED to carry into the restaurant.

NOT WITHOUT CONGRESS: The Attorney General says, “We can't close GITMO without an act of Congress.” We can't? How about just depleting it of prisoners, as Obama is doing, one by one? Seems to me when the place is completely empty, he can make a case before Congress to close it as a “disused entity.” Suffice it to say, Obama will get it closed, any way he can, so we will have no way to keep prisoners caught killing people. I guess then we will have to just SHOOT them on sight.

STUPID TO IMPORT ENEMIES: But Obama is THAT stupid. He wants to “import” ten THOUSAND “refugees” from Syria, with NO effort being made to stop Syrian Islamic terrorists from infiltrating the ranks of “refugees” and come here (with his blessing) to kill innocent people. That follows all his efforts to make our Southern border as porous as possible, so other terrorists can easily come in. He's doing everything he can to HELP the terrorists enter this country.

TIRED OF THE FOOLS: I get really tired of watching television and listening to the radio as the FOOLS running things all over the world proclaim their incompetence and stupidity with the stupid statements they make. Like when Obama said, “You didn't build that,” or his spokesbabe, Marie Harf said, “We can't win this war by killing them” when she ought to know we CAN. Tell me about ANY war we won by doing ANYTHING but kill the enemy! Meanwhile Obama offers only a “tepid response” to the atrocities the Islamic terrorists commit all over the world.. Damn, it's infuriating!

DO THEY KNOW SOMETHING WE DON'T? At last count, 39 members of Congress had taken their money out of their banks. They're moving their money to a “safe haven” somewhere in the U. S. Where is it? Why don't they tell us where it is, so we can save our money, too? If they know something, as employees of this government and therefore us, they have an OBLIGATION to tell us what they know—but they won't. They'll save their own money, but to hell with ours.

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