Monday, February 2, 2015

"The Correct Term"

n a comic strip, one character told another when the first mentioned, “global warming,” that the ”correct term is climate change.” Who has the right to DICTATE “the correct term?” Climate change is what AlGore changed to for the name of his swindle when global warming no longer worked because the globe hadn't been “warming” for more than 15 years. This is how they “imprint” lies on our minds. By repeating the lies over and over a la the Nazi propaganda minister's lying remarks.

KILL ALL MUSLIM TERRORIST PRISONERS! They think nothing of beheading their prisoners, safe in the knowledge that we will not kill any of OUR prisoners. But I think we should change all that, by first, demanding the release of all THEIR prisoners by a reasonable deadline or we will kill ALL Islamic terrorists in our custody. And if they don't “pay up,” kill 'em all. That might just even things out a little bit. In any case, it will get rid of SOME terrorists.

NOW HE'S DONE IT! Joe Biden is a well known gaffemaster. Every time he speaks he says something stupid, and now he's REALLY done it. In a recent speech he said, “The last six years have been really hard on this country. And they have been really tough for this party.” It's common knowledge that is true. But it is yet another Biden gaffe to admit it. So now he's REALLY done it. He has let the cat out of the bag for real.

A GOOD IDEA: Italy has passed a new law banning the building of any new mosques by Muslims. That's a good idea for America, too, because their mosques are a “breeding ground” for Islamic terrorist attacks. They plan their atrocities there, and mostly they have no fear that we are watching them there, because our politicians are so damnably afraid of being accused of “religious intolerance” they let them have free rein in their mosques, even though Islam is a phony religion.

ADMIT IT, DAMN IT! One high-ranking general once said, “You cannot defeat an enemy you don't even admit exists.” That's what Obama is doing with Islamic terrorists. He won't even use the WORDS “Islamic terrorists.” He is deluding himself by calling them everything BUT what they are while they go about gaily murdering adults and children while “legitimizing” the screwing of little girls as young as SIX. These people are not human. They're bloody murderers, beheaders of men, women, and CHILDREN. Obama needs to start calling them what they ARE, and stop CODDLING their “fellow travelers.” He needs to start KILLING them instead of RELEASING them to swell the ranks of the killers.

TRIVIAL WORRIES: As if there were not something more important to worry about, now the left is making a big fuss over a T-shirt coach Bill Belichick being seen wearing before the Super Bowl. They couldn't care less about Obama spending more money than there IS, or his LOSING of the war against Islamic terrorism, or his inaction costing four embassy people, including an ambassador their lives in Benghazi, but they're INCENSED over his wearing of a shirt emblazoned with the “Don't Tread on Me” image on the back, as if he didn't have the RIGHT to wear it..

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