Sunday, February 1, 2015

Communist Party For Obama

COMMUNIST PARTY FOR OBAMA: A man is known by his enemies; AND by his friends. The Communist Party USA LOVES Obama because he spouts communist (“collectivist”) propaganda daily. And his policies are communist-based. So they're supporting him. That's PROOF POSITIVE of his leanings. His policies are nothing BUT collectivist. They speak for themselves to the INTELLIGENT person. He talks about “spreading the wealth (theft),” taxing the rich, and making as many things “free” as he can, with the TAXPAYERS footing the bill. If that isn't COMMUNISM, I don't know what is. For those of you whose “eyes glaze over” at the word “communism,” you'd better wake up to reality before Obama and his cohorts create another “Soviet Union” here. Unless that's what you want.

ROMNEY WON'T RUN: Oh, woe! Now the Republicans will have to go out and find a REAL candidate! Like Bobby Jindal, or Scott Walker, or Sarah Palin, or Ben Carson. Of course, the GOP Elites can't see these people because they seem to be HONEST and have some REAL ideas on how to reverse the crap Obama has subjected us to. There are so many GOOD candidates, I can't see why they can't seem to find one who can win. Of course, I'm INTELLIGENT.

RICH GET RICHER: Why do the rich always get richer, even in a communist (socialist) country like Russia or Cuba? The answer is easy. They know how to make money. They're the “idea people” who come up with ideas for products that lots of people WANT to buy, and those buyers MAKE them rich, and KEEP ON making them richer. Others don't have any good ideas and stay poor while trying to “get a share” of what rich people have EARNED. Others, like Obama and AlGore, con people to make money, which is one thing that helps keep those with no ideas poor..

HIJAB DAY”: This is a way of teaching tolerance and understanding of others.” That's what the “authorities” of a taxpayer funded charter school in Sacramento say about the reason for their “Hijab Day.” Never mind the fact that Muslims are the most INTOLERANT bunch there is, and are commanded by their “Bible,” the Koran (however they spell it today), to KILL those who do not believe in their phony “religion. The very EXISTENCE of the hijab and its purpose is a TESTAMENT to the intolerance and subjugation of women. This event is illustrative of the STUPIDITY of most liberals.

QUANTITATIVE EASING SWINDLE: “Quantitative Easing” is the good-sounding name the government has given to the SWINDLE they're running where they “legitimize” their COUNTERFEITING scheme where they print TRILLIONS of dollars WITHOUT a single dollar's worth of anything valuable behind it, thus “picking our pockets without having to resort to congressional action. That is just ONE of the MANY cons they run, constantly. And I'm not talking just about the Democrats, here. The Republicans do it, too. Another is “baseline budgeting” where AUTOMATIC increases in budgets each byear are “normal” and a 3% cut in that INCREASE is CALLED a “cut.” Therefore making you think there was an actual 3% CUT in a budget.

POLAR BEAR PENISES BREAKING”: Who spends his time studying things like “polar bear penises?” I really needed a good laugh, and this provided it. Apparently polar bear penises have a bone in them that allows polar bears to “go for” longer sex sessions (wish I had one). And the COLD seems to be making them “less dense” and easier broken. Of course, this is attributed to global warming (whatever they're calling it now). Like it's never been cold where they live before. As usual, they don''t have any evidence that polar bear penises ARE “breaking,” but they say it, anyway, based on what? COMPUTER MODELS, of course!

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