Monday, February 9, 2015

How Rumors Get Started

I just read a “report” where they claim that the FIRST “gun freedom” group was the Black Panthers, who marched upon the California legislature with openly carried guns, causing REPUBLICANS to sponsor the FIRST “gun control” laws in California, That may all be true, but those laws were NOT the first hint of “gun control” activity. Liberals were rumbling about “controlling guns” back in the 1800s.

GREATEST LITERARY WORK EVER”: MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell says, Obama's book is “the greatest literary work ever by a president.” What? I know this guy was stupid, but THAT stupid? Obama's book IS a “work of fiction,” but that wasn't planned. And he didn't even write it! He used a ghost writer, as do most politicians who write books to help themselves get elected. And the book is filled with lies. To call it a “literary achievement” is completely and absolutely STUPID. But then O'Donnell works for MSNBC, so we expect that.

ISLAMIC RECRUITING: This school in Manhattan Beach, California is REQUIRING their students to attend a class that is supposed to teach them about Islam as HISTORY. But far from teaching it as history, they are teaching Muslim DOGMA such as “There is one true God, Allah!” and “All people must submit to Allah!” In schools, where NO religion can be taught, this should EXCLUDE Islam. They are breaking the LAW. Who the hell is responsible for this? He/she needs to be found out, and PUNISHED, and the classes ENDED, immediately.

LIED ABOUT MEETING BROTHERHOOD MEMBERS: State Department spokesman (woman?) Jennifer Pasaki ADMITTED that they LIED about Obama holding a meeting of Muslim Brotherhood members the other day, If that doesn't tell you how smug he is about his “coddling” of Muslims, I don't know what will. He is consulting with,and HELPING Islamic terrorists to MURDER Americans all over the world. And he has appointed them to top positions on his STAFF. SOMEBODY better do something about this “enemy of the state.”

WHAT WOULD OBAMA DO? What would Obama do if ISIS burned an AMERICAN alive? That's a question that need not be asked. We KNOW what he'd do. He'd say that American “probably provoked them in some way/” In any case, we should forgive them because of what the Catholic church did a thousand years ago. Or something else just as wimpy, that allows him to do nothing about it and get away with it..

DISRESPECTING MERKEL: I just listened to a part of Obama's speech while meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel while he called her by her first name almost every time he referred to her. He would NEVER do that with a MALE head of state. He felt free to use her first name because she is a WOMAN, showing her a certain disrespect. I think he owes her an apology. A sincere one, not the usual politician's apology that “apologizes for getting caught,” not for the act, itself.

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