Tuesday, February 3, 2015

His "Tissue of Lies"

I had to turn off my television recently while our “Liar in Chief,” Barack Obama, was telling his “litany of lies.” Every word out of his mouth this day was a BLATANT LIE. Like saying he had done budget cuts, when we all know that's absolutely NOT TRUE. Or saying he has “reduced the deficit” when he has DOUBLED it. And he plans to spend a lot more in his last two years in office. I really get tired of him insulting my intelligence and the intelligence of the American people.

GRUBER'S “FAT TAX”: Johnathan Gruber, the self-admitted “architect” of Obamacare, once suggested we tax people on the basis of weight. As if they didn't have problems enough. Anything to be able to screw more money out of us. I thought taxing sheep farts and cow farts was stupid. But this goes much further toward the ridiculous. Of course, they'll have to include an exemption for politicians so they won't have to pay the tax, since most of them are fat. I guess horse farts and human farts are next.

END MICHELLE'S SCHOOL LUNCH TYRANNY: America's “lunch ladies” are “up in arms” about Michelle Obama's meddling with school lunch menus. “The School Nutrition Association, a professional organization representing about 55,000 school food service employees nationwide, has called on Congress to make dramatic changes to the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, the deeply unpopular 2010 legislation that restricts school lunches.” They're protesting the unrealistic changes sponsored by Michelle Obama, who knows NOTHING about nutrition. Frankly, I think the government should keep it's big nose OUT of the school lunch system. Yes, they pay for a lot of it, not by OUR choice, but THEIRS,.So they have no right to dictate ANYTHING.

SUING PEOPLE FOR NOT LIKING HIM: That's about as STUPID as Muslims suing people for getting mad at them for trying to order them around. This Jew-hating professor, who “Tweeted” himself out of a job, wants to SUE people who have expressed dislike for him. Actually, her's suing the school for firing him over his vitriol-filled Tweets last summer about Israel. The school decided they didn't want such a blatant bigot working for them and teaching his students his hate. I think they're right. So he'll probably sue ME now, too.

I GUESS IT ISN'T WORKING: Muslims hate pork, so they do everything they can to inhibit Americans from being able to buy it, or sell it. But unfortunately for them, it has become the “meat of choice” all over America. Muslims would like for pork to disappear from the world, but that's not going to happen. I don't know if this is “blowback” from their efforts to discredit pork, but it works that way. I say to Muslims, “Poor babies!” As I chew my pork ribs.

OIL GOING BACK UP: I knew it was too good to be true. Oil prices are going back up, fast, mostly due to OPEC's reducing their production in their efforts to bankrupt American oil production (Frackling)—the oil production Obama could not slow down. Obama couldn't be happier. Just because he crowed about oil prices going down doesn't mean he likes it. If oil prices are sky high, that's good for HIM. He just took advantage of it for his own purposes, as he does with ANYTHING that's good for US, even if he doesn't like it.

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