Monday, February 23, 2015

Terror Threats From the Right?

There's a “report” now circulating among government agencies saying they should be worried about terrorist actions from right-wing extremists. If there's one thing that is common in liberal circles, it's that they're deathly AFRAID of conservatives. But for the most part, the only “terror” conservatives would mean for liberals (Democrats) is voting against them in sufficient numbers as to boot them out of the offices they conned themselves into.

WHAT A DAMNED FOOL! If Obama really thinks the answer to Islamic terrorism is finding more jobs for Muslims, he's as stupid as I've always thought he was on governing and fighting wars. I've always thought he was pretty clever when it came to conning his way into office, but pretty incompetent when it comes to governing. And he proves it every time he announces a strategy for dealing with anything. The terrorists make no bones about their reasons for their killing spree. They want the whole world to be Muslim, or dead. Jobs has nothing to do with it. Anybody who would buy that bullsh-t is either insane or STUPID.

WOVEN INTO THE FABRIC”: Obama says, “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our society from the beginning.” And he's right. But not in the way he wants us to THINK. Since the “Barberry Pirates (who were Islamic terrorists) and before, we have been attacked by Islamic extremists and have had to fight them. Yes, they have been “woven into the fabric of our society,” but as ENEMIES, not friends. Obama wants us to think otherwise, either because he's AFRAID to say different, or he WANTS them to win.

GIULIANI'S DEATH THREATS: Boy, there are some supremely STUPID people in this world! Giuliani “had the audacity” to say what a lot of people were thinking, that Obama did NOT “love” this country.” Obama himself has said as much. He has said many times that he thinks America did not deserve the pre-eminent position it enjoys, and he wants to “make it over.” And for that, Giuliani gets death threats! What damned FOOL does that? I hope he makes a try and gets himself killed. Yes, I said somebody ought to get killed. Some people just have no right to take up space above ground on this Earth.

RUDY WON'T APOLOGIZE: And he doesn't need to apologize. Nobody should ever be pressured to apologize for telling the TRUTH, and that's what Rudy did. Liberals demand apologies for things THEY don't like, truth or not, in way too many cases. It's time we started ignoring the braying of these fools. They'll probably want ME to apologize for this item, but they can “take it and stick it,” sideways.

CHICKEN OR EGG? Which came first? That stupid fool in the White House keeps saying “Islam has nothing to do with the violence being committed by Islamic terrorists.” That they are killing people because of our CRITICISM? Or are they being criticized because they're killing people? And he continues to be stupidly WRONG! Is it because he's AFRAID to attribute the violence where it belongs? Or is he, as a devoted Muslim, willing to HELP them succeed in their efforts to “Muslimize” all the world? Is he STUPID? Afraid? Or just subversive?

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