Saturday, February 21, 2015

Minimizing Terror

That's the sum total of everything Obama has done regarding Islamic terrorists and Islamic terrorism. First, he refuses to NAME it for what it is. Then he releases murderers from GITMO to go back and kill innocent people again; then he comes up with no more than a “tepid response” when they create their atrocities. A response that does them little harm. Then he goes golfing while they kill some more. He pretends to be serenely unaware that ISIS and all the other Islamic terrorist groups are a DEADLY THREAT to the United States ONLY if it refuses to fight them. He's pretty well proven he's on their side, or afraid not to be. Now we'll watch to see if anybody will notice and DO something about it.

ALL THEY NEED IS JOBS?” One of Obama's fawning “spokespersons” said the other day, that all we need to do to stop Islamic terrorism (studiously not using the words) is to provide them with JOBS. What a damned FOOL this broad is! What a LOAD of bullcrap she's feeding us! Is she really STUPID enough to think we'll BUY this crap? What we REALLY need is to provide each and every Islamic terrorist with their own BULLET, fired into their BELLY so it'll take a long time for them to die, and it will be VERY painful.

BIDEN LOVES SHOULDER RUBS: He gave one to the wife of the new Defense Secretary the other day, and a lot of people thought it was very much improper to be giving her a shoulder rub and whispering “sweet nothings” in her ear while her husband was being introduced. (It was obvious from her posture she was uncomfortable with his attentions). But probably not. I've seen him do it before. He gave that little black kid Obama has used as a “prop” at several of his “bill signings” who was originally used when he signed the Obamacare bill into law. I don't think he has any romantic feelings for that kid—at least I HOPE he doesn't, They'll probably accuse me of racism for describing the kid as “black.” But to hell with that. I don't subscribe to “political correctness.”

VERY PROUD, NO SCANDALS: David Axelrod (Obama's former chief of staff) says, he's “Very proud of the fact that the Obama administration has gone six years WITHOUT a major scandal.” What PLANET has he been LIVING on? Obama has drawn MORE SCANDALS than anybody can keep TRACK of! “No scandals?” Like Marie Harp, he must really be STUPID to think we'll believe that crap. Even those who don't pay attention to politics are smart enough to know that, even if he ISN'T. It really amazes me how these fools keep spouting such easily disproved nonsense!

SOCIALISM IS GOVERNMENT THEFT: It's that simple. It DEPENDS on people working and earning so they can STEAL it and give it to the “moochers” of society who just want to enjoy life without having to work for what they get. There's nothing more complicated than that. They SAY we “simplify things,” but sometimes it IS “just that simple” if you really examine it. Socialism is just one form of COLLECTIVISM. Communism is another, as is progressivism and Fascism. It has many names, but it's ALL collectivism. They COMPLICATE things to confuse you.

ISIS OR OBAMA? Niger Innis of the Tea Party asks the question: “Who is the worst enemy we have? ISIS? Or Obama?. But why do we have to choose? I think Obama is the worst enemy we have in our government, today. But he is doing everything in his power to help the ISIS succeed. ISIS will KILL you. Brutally, and painfully. Directly. Obama's POLICIES will kill you. Brutally and painfully, INdirectly. You're dead, either way. If ISIS wins, we're dead. If OBAMA wins, we're dead. Dead is dead. It's impossible to select which kind of death is worse. My answer is BOTH.

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