Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Obama Takes Credit, As Usual

Gas prices are down. For a while. So people can once again get used to lower gas prices (at least, lower than they were before). The root cause is increased production in places where Obama can't stop it. So naturally he's taking credit for the lower gas prices he had nothing to do with. He always takes credit for ANYTHING good happening, whether or not he had anything to do with it. Of course, he never DOES have anything to do with something GOOD, and everything to do with something BAD that happens.

OBAMA'S “NET NEUTRALITY”: That's what he calls the swindle he's running now to take over the Internet and CONTROL it. He wants the power to LICENSE Internet users so he can tell them what they can say and do. The power to license is the power to CONTROL, and that's what he wants. You watch; if he does gain control, I will disappear—or go to prison. Along with all people like me—and there will no longer be ANY criticism of the liberal fools running down this country.

NO SCANDALS, HUH? That's what David Axelrod says. And he thinks we'll BELIEVE this lie. What about the VA scandal? Or how about the Secret Service SCANDALS that led to the removal of its director? How about Benghazi, where Obama's (and Hillary's) inaction resulted in the DEATHS of four embassy personnel, including an AMBASSADOR? How about the IRS making it hard on conservative organizations trying to get tax-free status, while “fast-tracking” the applications of liberal organizations, one of them including Obama's BROTHER? Or the NSA SPYING on Americans? And then there so many others, I can't even REMEMBER them, or have room to list them all here? Axelrod is a damned FOOL, but then, we expect that of ALL liberals.

THIS FOOL IS INSANE! HHS Secretary Jeh Johnson says, “My job is to give voice to the plight of Muslims.” If that's what he REALLY thinks, maybe we NEED to “defund” the Homeland Security agency to keep him out of it. Somebody needs to straighten him out on his "job description." Nowhere is it written that HHS has ANYTHING to do with “the plight of Muslims.” On the contrary: Islamic terrorists are our TOP danger—except for Barack Obama and his accomplices, that is. What a bunch of damned FOOLS Obama has appointed to help him loot this nation! This guy appears to be one of the dumbest. What he fails to mention is that “the plight of Muslims” is CAUSED by Muslims and their “plight” would END if Muslims would just stop KILLING innocent people for not BEING Muslims.

WHAT DOES ISIS WANT? People keep asking that question, as if the ISIS members haven't shouted the answer from the rooftops repeatedly. And they always come up with some convoluted, complicated answer nobody understands, that simply means they want EVERYBODY in the world to be THEIR KIND of Muslim, or DEAD. It's as simple as that. And if they have to KILL all people who are not their kind of Muslim, they will. Why people try to complicate it, I don't know. Some of them just don't want us to understand it. Others do, but don't understand it, themselves.

INCOMPETENT MAYOR: Mayor Di Blasio, of New York City, thinks when a cop is confronted by an “angry person,” he should stop, CLOSE HIS EYES, and ”take a breath”:before he does anything. There's no better way for that cop to DIE than to close his eyes, even for a second. New York is going to lose a bunch of cops if they take this advice. Di Blasio better be ready to hire plenty of new cops to replace them. This just shows that when the guy at the TOP is incompetent, he can easily get you KILLED. I don't know how a man that stupid ever got himself elected mayor of one of the biggest cities in the country, but he did. They've had stupid mayors before, but he tops the list with this edict.

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