Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"Constitutional Scholar?"

Doesn't that mean you know a little something about what's IN the Constitution? Then why does that FOOL in the White House who is SUPPOSED to be a “constitutional scholar” make such a STUPID remark as that his “executive action” is “lawful?” Does this FOOL think just because he's SUPPOSED to know what's in the Constitution that we'll BELIEVE something so patently WRONG is “lawful?” Does he think he can fool us by the “weight” of CLAIMING to be a “constitutional scholar?” ONLY the Congress can MAKE laws, and that's what HE is attempting to do with his “executive action,” which is UNLAWFUL. He's a damned FOOL if he thinks he can convince intelligent people otherwise.

WHO IS AL-SHIBAB? That's the question being asked by the media after they paraded several of their prisoners through the streets of Nairobi in the back of trucks to the CHEERS of the people and threatened a large mall with a terror attack. Big whoop! Who are they? Yet another bunch of FOOLS who can do nothing GOOD, but only kill people who don't believe the way they wish they would. Just another bunch of Islamic terrorists, using a different name..

AL'S GETTIN' DESPERATE: People have been debunking his “global warming” scam (whatever he calls it now) for a long time, now. Now he's starting to “jump up and down” when someone criticizes him and his swindle. The flow of money must have slowed down, and he's afraid it'll stop. So now he's whining about those who call him a liar and a swindler. He should be used to it by now because his swindle has been debunked many times, in many ways.

DOES OBAMA LOVE AMERICA? No. Not even a little bit. He has SAID so many times, in many ways, in many speeches. He was RAISED in a foreign country, by communists, who HATE America. He was “conditioned” to hate America by his communist mentors. Not only that, the predominant “religion” in the country in which he was raised is Muslim, which teaches hatred of America in its schools. I would be amazed if he DID “love America. Giuliani just said what we all already knew, and the heads of liberals everywhere exploded. They “got the vapors” over it.

OBAMA IS NOT A PATRIOT! Rudy Giuliani said he isn't, and he's right. Rudy is now “walking it back,” saying he thinks Obama DOES “love America,” but he just disagrees with his policies. They must have gotten to him. Then Sen. Lindsey Graham now insists Obama is a “patriot.” If you have to send out your surrogates to reassure people you're a patriot, you aren't. He's done enough to undercut America, it'd take a lot more than the assurances of one of his cronies to convince me. I go by what people DO, not what they SAY.

BRANDING YOUR ENEMIES: It must be nice to be able to “brand” your enemies terrorists when they're only a threat to your keeping your job. Obama's accomplices in looting the nation have come out and said that “right wingers” are worse than the terrorists who behead CHILDREN after raping their mothers in front of them. Show me a single person a conservative has raped or beheaded! Anybody who would BELIEVE this crap is a damned fool. And it TAKES a fool to believe anybody with any intelligence at all would believe this crap.

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