Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Silliness of Racism

I remember a “Star Trek” episode, years ago, in which one of the main players and his brother were both black on one side, white on the other, and hated each other because one was black on one side, the other black on the OTHER side (their color was easily spaced on their bodies, with a line up the middle. Nothing I've ever seen better illustrates the STUPIDITY of racism based on color. I judge each person as an INDIVIDUAL, black OR white.

YET AGAIN: I forgot this Tuesday, and for that, I apologize. Once again, I was stymied in my effort to bring you the truth. This time by a silly incompetent installation of a bathtub faucet a couple of weeks ago. They ended up taking out half a wall in the bathroom, which shares a wall with my office—the one against which my desk sits. This made it impossible for me to do any work Tuesday. My apologies. I'm only one guy with a computer and it doesn't take much to slow me down, though it's impossible to stop me as long as I'm breathing.

EXAGGERATING THE TERRORIST THREAT? Barack Hussein Obama is as stupid a politician as there is. He says, “rights don't come from God” when he KNOWS better. Even if there was no God, they are ours by right of BIRTH. Not "given us" by man, NOR God. Even other stupid people know better. They CERTAINLY don't come from OBAMA! Now, in the face of the rising Islamic terrorist threat (which he is too damned dumb to even acknowledge), he's now telling us the media is EXAGGERATING the terrorist threat. He won't even use the word, “Islamic” when he makes THAT stupid statement. Wow! What unimaginable STUPIDITY!

IT'S A CONTEST! Now ISIS seems to be vying with the other Islamic terrorist outfits to be the most despicable, most violent, the biggest bast-rds in the world, and I think they've won, unless the others do something worse than behead 21 people simultaneously in front of the cameras, then post it on the Internet. How bad ARE they? (and I mean that in the original sense) They're the worst. Nobody can top that. These people should not be allowed to take up valuable space on this Earth. They should be shot on sight. It's their prize for winning that contest!

WHAT? WHY WORRY? Liberals are still “concerned” about the “rights of the Islamic terrorists” we capture while they're;killing innocent people to prove their despicable point. What the hell for? Not killing them on sight creates a bunch of problems: what to do with them? Should we keep GITMO open? Should we keep buying them flat-screen TVs for their cells? How long should we hold them before sending them back to kill more innocent people and behead more children? Wouldn't it be more efficient to just kill them on sight? They'd do no less for us.

SO THE HELL WHAT? Liberals are making a big thing about the fact that Scott Walker did not graduate from college. So what? Most of today's college graduates can just barely read at a seventh grade level, anyway. I'd give odds Walker could outdo them in just about everything. And a college degree is NOT required, in any case, for a president. So what the hell are they grousing about? They need to come up with SOMETHING to use to discredit him, lest he beat them in the next election. If that's all they've got, they're in BIG trouble.

SOUNDS ABOUT NORMAL FOR OBAMA: ISIS beheads 21 people, on camera, and he goes golfing. Just as he did when it was announced that they had executed a young girl, who had nothing to do with “their war.” This damned fool doesn't care about ANYTHING but what HE is doing, and what he can get away with. Somebody needs to hide his golf clubs so maybe he can suffer a little bit, too.. What a CLOD!

TRYING TO HIDE THE TRUTH: Top gun grabber , former NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who doesn't like guns, wants to take them away from everybody. He recently made a speech in which he said that “minorities” (translation: blacks) should SPECIFICALLY not have guns. Now he's thought about the ramifications of that, and is now trying to keep that statement out of the news. Good luck with that, Mike. What he SHOULD have said is that EVERYBODY should have guns. Then the “gun violence problem” would be a “self-correcting problem.”

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