Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Global Warming Biggest Threat?"

I really get tired of having my intelligence insulted by Obama and his accomplices. Now he's trying to tell me that a ONE DEGREE INCREASE in temperature over 100 YEARS being caused by man (IF, indeed that's so, which it isn't) is a more important and dangerous threat than radical Islam and their terrorist murderers beheading CHILDREN and adults because they don't believe the right way. This guy is really STUPID if he thinks we'll believe that crap. Somebody needs to slap him silly (sillier).

LISTING LOSSES AS WINS: That's what Obama does all the time. He brags about “ending two wars” when all he did was RUN from both without finishing the job. That's not an accomplishment, it is SURRENDER. He LIES and says he “cut the national debt in half.” Where? What he really did was double it. He says he “rescued the auto industry.” What he really did was “take it over. He says the “health care industry was broken and he fixed it.” What he really did was make it impossibly complicated, double the cost, and involuntarily involve every American. How do you tell when Obama is lying? Watch his lips. They're moving and sounds are coming out.

COMFORTABLE DEALING WITH THE ENEMY: The Muslim Brotherhood has been designated a “terror group,” but Obama's administration says it is “comfortable dealing with them.” to me, this signals that he doesn't care that they are allied with our ENEMIES, and will still deal with them. Obama has done many things that REVEAL his love of our ENEMY, but nobody in DC will do anything about it. This is how HITLER came to power. People who COULD stop him, didn't. That's what's happening now in America.

SIGNAL TO THIEVES: It's okay. Go ahead and steal. We won't try and catch you. That's the message Wal-Mart sent when they fired one of their managers for following, and catching a shoplifter who ran with $1,000.00 worth merchandise. They told the world that was against store policy. He should have left that to the cops—who weren't there. They usually aren't. They're so afraid of being SUED for something, they'd rather let a thief get away. The manager was fired for “gross misconduct,” which means no other Wal-Mart can hire him. If I were him. I'D sue them for improper firing and overstating the reasons.

ANOTHER OBAMA COMES ALONG? Hillary is hoping against hope that another Obama doesn't come along. She thought she was a “shoo-in” to be nominated, then elected president in 2008—until a little-known black man (sorry, PC police) came along and the news media “ramped up” their machine to get HIM elected. After that, she faded into obscurity and HE became president—which just proves that what those “behind the scenes” want, they GET. She's got all her digits crossed that doesn't happen again.

BIDEN A “PLACE-HOLDER”: The only reason Joe Biden was nominated, then elected vice-president is to be a “place-holder” so nobody else (primarily not Hillary) could be put in that place. If Hillary had been “a heartbeat away from the presidency,” you could count on the fact Obama would not survive the presidency. Joe was “good insurance” against assassination. Would YOU like Joe as president? Now, with a Republican in the third spot, it's even worse They'd have to get all three at the same time. (For you government monitors snooping: I AM NOT suggesting Obama be assassinated.).

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