Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Who Will Clinton Run Against?"

That's a question being asked, which assumes Clinton is going to get the Democrat (socialist party) nomination. That assumes another Obama won't come along to displace her, as he did. She got the “booby prize,” an appointment as Secretary of State, where she predictably did a lousy job, and got many people killed. She's in NO WAY a “shoo-in” for the nomination, and especially not for the election. It's all in the media bias. It's not reality.

EXTRAORDINARY ARROGANCE: Eric Holder, after he resigned, said, “My ONLY failure as AG was in not getting gun control passed.” What? Does he think he's the Congress? The AG is not supposed to PASS laws. Only to ENFORCE them. And he was very “selective” in which laws he WOULD enforce. Those are his “failures,” and they are numerous. He pledged to enforce ALL laws, but refused to enforce the ones Obama told him not to. He should be prosecuted for that.

QUACKS LIKE A DUCK”: An infobabe was interviewing Eric Holder on TV and tried for a “lighter note” by telling him about his nickname: “The Duck.” Predictably, both of them never “tumbled” to the real meaning of that:” “If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it must BE a duck.” Meaning, if he acts like a crook, and looks like a crook, he must BE a crook. She foolishly attributed it to “searching for justice down under.” What's THAT mean? Looking in Australia? Somebody needs to straighten this fawning babe out.

LIBERALS WANT WHAT'S YOURS: That's their basic motivation: whenever one person has more than another, (that “other” sometimes being themselves) they get mad. They fail to take into consideration that “all men are NOT created equal.” At least, not where it counts: in their brains. They think all people should get a “fair share” no matter whether or not they're smart enough, or willing to work to EARN it. Some just lack education because they're too lazy to go to school. Others just lack common sense. But liberals think they should still get as much as those who ARE smart enough,, and who WORKED to attain what they own. They're WRONG!

TALENTED ARTIST: One person on “One Political Plaza” says Titus Kaphar is a talented artist. I agree. But I believe he is “brain dead” in all important ways, otherwise. His very subject matter reveals the obsession with racism on HIS part. He sees racism “under every bed,” and he HATES white people with an insane hatred, even if that white person never did a bad thing to him. I really look down upon a man who uses his talent to “showcase” his racism, and that's not because he's black. Color means NOTHING to one who judges each person as an INDIVIDUAL. And I judge this individual to be infected with TODAY'S racism, that of hatred of WHITES for BEING white, not like that which came before, and was almost eradicated until Obama came along,.

RESURGENCE OF RACISM: We almost had it whipped. Now they've been given good reason by TODAY'S blacks to hate them. The number of white people who unreasonably hated black people because of the color of their skin had receded almost to nothing. We were electing black people to numerous political offices, including mayors, governors, senators, representatives, and even the presidency. Although what we got in the presidency was only HALF black, and USES his “blackness” to advance his agenda. The “new racism” is blacks hating whites, wanting to do damage to people who have never done them any harm.

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