Sunday, February 15, 2015

Obama Hates the Constitution

He doesn't like it because it LIMITS what he can do ton you as president. He thinks of himself as “the boss,” and the boss shouldn't be limited by ANYTHING. He thinks he should be able to do anything he wants to do, and you should have NO rights he doesn't GIVE to you. Likewise, he thinks he should be able to take them away, at will. He calls Constitutional Rights “NEGATIVE rights” because they distract from HIS right to “rule” you. Obama is a “dictator wannabe.” Make no mistake about it. If not for the Constitution and the need to at least “give lip service to it,” he would walk right over you. He may, anyway.

COMPUTER GOT ME AGAIN: Yesterday, my computer wouldn't even start. And I spent the entire day trying to find out why. Turns out it wasn't the computer itself, this time. It was a “thumb drive” the computer wouldn't start while it was in there. As soon as I pulled it out, it worked—at least as well as usual. Sorry about that. Oh, well—that thumb drive was mostly a copy of what's on the other one, which is still in, and working (so far).

LOSING IN IRAQ: Obama's “chickens are coming home to roost.” There are 326 Marines trapped in an air base in Iraq while the Islamic terrorists mass for their final push to take it over. What'll happen to them when that comes about? Obama says he “ended two wars,” but he didn't, He just told most of his troops to “run and hide,” leaving their guns and other ordinance and equipment for the terrorists, while leaving a small number to be murdered by the terrorists. Their blood will be on HIS hands, along with all the other American soldiers who have died trying to fight using his IMPOSSIBLE “rules of combat.”

ANOTHER DEMOCRAT GOES DOWN: Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, plagued by way too many ethics and corruption charges, recently announced his resignation. I've noticed a lot of Democrats “going down” this way. Is there something in the Democrat Party that makes their politicians think they can get away with this kind of corruption? Obama is a good example to the crooks in the Democrat Party. He has committed MANY crimes, and has gotten away with it, through INACTION on the part of those who COULD “bring him down.”

GINSBERG WAS DRUNK: She admits to “not being entirely sober” when she fell asleep listening to Obama “drone on” about the many ways he is going to “rip us off” in the next two years. But she doesn't need that kind of an excuse. She's 81 and still doing a BIG job. I'm only 77, and I couldn't do it and stay awake listening to Obama's lies. Frankly, I wouldn't be there LISTENING. Just the sound of his voice puts me to sleep. I just hope she doesn't work herself into the grave.

GIVING ILLEGALS MONEY: Obama has issued 5 MILLION Social Security cards to ILLEGAL ALIENS which, among other things, qualifies them to receive $6,000.00 IMMEDIATE “tax refund” for years in which they paid NO taxes, and well as being able to apply for more. What a way to create DEMOCRATS, hey! If all of them vote, Republicans are DOOMED!

SHE HAD A FEW—SO WHAT? They're making a big thing out of Justice Ginsberg saying she “wasn't totally sober” as if she was admitting to be a lush. Who, among us have not found themselves in the same position WITHOUT the president being involved? Frankly, I might want to have a few drinks in my belly too, if I HAD TO listen to Obama blabber, and I don't drink, and never have, except for a few beers when I turned 21, just because I could, then. I didn't enjoy them.

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