Friday, February 13, 2015

ISIS Cells in America?

Yes. Certainly. Nobody with any intelligence at all thinks otherwise. With Obama's laxness on border control, illegal Mexican (and other South American) aliens are not the only thing coming in. Terrorists have been coming in, right along with them. Not only that, a bunch of misfits with American citizenship have gone to the Middle East to be trained as Islamic terrorists, then come back, using their American passports to re-enter. And Obama is delighted. It fits right in with his plans to “teach America a lesson.”

SOME PEOPLE ARE REALLY STUPID: In this case, impressionable college students who have been fed POISON by the likes of Angela Davis, a REAL (documented) communist, who continues to spew her poison there, even though the college administration KNOWS what she is. They have a habit of hiring such people. In this case, they're demanding the colleges “divest themselves” of any and ALL “oil stocks,” hoping to CRIPPLE the oil industry, which is VITAL to our existence today.

THE PERFECT JOB: For Brian Williams, who recently was suspended by NBC because he LIED when he falsely inserted himself into a “war story.” There's a new opening at the “Daily Show,” since Jon Stewart recently announced he was quitting. Nobody ever expected Stewart to tell the truth—he was a COMEDIAN! To replace him, Brian would be perfect. (Thanks to Gary Varvel for this idea)

ISLAMIC “TRIBUNAL” IN TROUBLE: Already. They have published something on their web site claiming “lawyer” status for people who HAVE no lawyer status. This is what they DO. Make up their own rules and apply them to the people who submit themselves to their “rule.” But they miscalculated here. You cannot claim “lawyer status” for non-lawyers in the United States, and when they did it in Texas, they got “yanked up short.”

RIGHTS NOT FROM GOD”: Our “selfie president” has come out with another stupid comment. Obama, who was more interested in making a video to promote Obamacare, which is REQUIRED of all of us, than to do something about the cold-blooded MURDER of a young girl by Islamic terrorists who kidnapped her off the street, like the CRIMINALS they are, says, “Rights do not come from God.” REALLY? Even if you don't believe in God, certain rights are yours by RIGHT OF BIRTH. And NOBODY has the power to take them away from you.. It amazes me how STUPID this fool thinks we are!

I'M GETTING DEPRESSED: I've spent almost the last 20 years of my life trying my best to reveal the things power brokers don't want us to know by publishing stories they want HIDDEN. But all my efforts seem to have gone for naught. Nothing seems to change. Obama keeps on committing criminal acts as president, and NOBODY does anything about him. So he keeps on doing them, getting more and more blatant all the time. Meanwhile, the people who COULD do something about him do nothing. So he gets away with it, and it becomes commonplace. By so doing, he makes the Constitution worthless.

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