Thursday, February 19, 2015

"Republicans Are Racists"

That's Brian William's “parting shot,” as if anybody believed this liar when he repeats the usual Democrat LIES. Racism is the Democrat's favorite rant when people disagree with them, and Williams is no different. Since the ranks of Democrat politicians is rife with liars, maybe Williams should go into politics where liars are expected to be. Lying doesn't seem to have hurt John Kerry, after he LIED about his “service in Vietnam” and after he threw somebody ELSE'S medals over the White House fence ans said they were HIS. Maybe Williams should run for office on the Democrat ticket. Lying well is one of the valued talents for a Democrat.

TYPICAL PRESS OMMISSIONS: Two of three TV outlets didn't report Democrat Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber's resignation because of corruption charges at all. Oh. I must have missed the less than half-minute pieces about it. Sorry. Of course, CBS didn't happen to mention he is a Democrat, though the other two did. It'll probably be edited out of any subsequent reports, if, in fact, there ARE any. I sincerely doubt there will be any. They work HARD to keep from mentioning the party affiliation of such people if they're Democrat. If they're Republican, they "shout it to the skies" for days.

HOMELAND SECURITY “SHUTDOWN”: What a big bag full of crap THAT is! The media is warning us about the possible “shutdown” of Homeland Security, which “ain't gonna happen.” If ANYTHING is “shut down,” it will; be only a SMALL PART of their budget having to do with them enforcing one or more of Obama's ILLEGAL directives. It's a typical ploy of politicians like Obama and his crowd to claim a TOTAL shutdown when there IS none. Just like they claim “budget cuts” when there only cuts in the AMOUNT of increase. It's all A lie.

LESSON: DON'T HECKLE PALIN: A couple of liberal hecklers yapped to Sarah Palin about how she was dressed, and she must be cold. Her reply? “I'm from Alaska. I don't mind the cold, boy!” Then one of them said something about her politics, and she said, “When you get a job, boy, then come and talk to me.” Wow! She really took them to school!” Palin has been in for more than her share of STUPIDITY from liberals. They hope if they can discredit her with their LIES, she won't run for president. Don't count on it, kids!

CAN'T WIN BY KILLING”: The State Department just revealed (again)n their abysmal stupidity by saying, “We can't win this war by killing.” What kind of stupidity is THAT? That's the ONLY way to win a war! KILL the enemy until they can't take it any more. Can anybody tell me a war ANYBODY won by NOT killing? This is just another indication of the INCOMPETENCE that is rampant in our government, today. “Can't win by killing!” Sheesh!

JUDGE BLOCKS AMNESTY: Do you think that will stop Obama? Or even slow him down? He is not known for following the law if it doesn't agree with what he wants to do, and I don't think he will do so in this instance. He says not, but he thinks he's a king. He doesn't allow ANYBODY to tell him he can't do just what he wants, law be damned! We'll be well rid of this pustule on our butts on January 21, 2017 (I hope).

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