Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Another Day, Another Lie

One of these days, Obama's going to to go an entire day without telling a big whopper. Burger King says it's “The Home of the Whopper.” But in reality, the home of the whopper is the White House—or anywhere else Obama will live after he leaves the presidency (if he ever does). Now he's out there claiming that HE “saved the economy.” What? NOBODY has “saved the economy,” and Obama is the one who has made it worse than ever before while DOUBLING the national debt and spending more money than all the presidents before him put together. Now he wants to spend another $4 TRILLION, just this next year!.

WHY DOES EVERYBBODY LOVE HILLARY? Actually, they don't. She's counting on brand new voters who have never voted before to buttress her (hopefully) futile second attempt to gain the Democrat nomination. People who know NOTHING about what's going on, about what Democrats—and Hillary—are doing to them. If you want to see where political INCOMPETENCE has made a mess of things, just look at the nearest Democrat administration. Wherever they run things, we're in trouble.

EMPLOYMENT NUMBERS FALSE: The Obama administration and all the other Democrats are celebrating the new employment numbers that say it is “down” to 5.6%. But that's a BIG LIE. If all the people who have GIVEN UP on ever getting another job and have thus LEFT the employment market, the number would be 12%. When somebody stops looking for work for whatever reason including “giving up,” the Department of Labor stops counting them, which makes the unemployment figure look better since then a smaller PERCENTAGE of people are then COUNTED as unemployed.

JORDAN DID WHAT WE OUGHT TO DO: So the Islamic terrorists (that Obama thinks don't exist) burned a Jordanian pilot alive, did they? And they expected nothing in retaliation. WRONG! Jordan had two Islamic terrorists in prison under sentence of death for their atrocities. So they moved their execution dates up to yesterday and executed them BOTH. Additionally, they vowed a “relentless war” against Islamic terrorism. Jordan's king has gonads. We don't, not as long as Obama sits in the White House.

CRIME DROPS IN CHICAGO: They're still one of the most dangerous places to live, because of all the criminals and gang-bangers who still have their ILLEGAL guns. But since the courts threw out their virtual ban on ”concealed carry,” many violent criminals have gone into other kinds of crime so they won't get shot by one of their intended victims. This again proves beyond a doubt that the more honest people who carry their own guns, the less violent crime there is. Will the “gun grabbers” take note? Doubtful. They just want to DISARM the populace. They don't care about crime—except for theirs.

HOUSE VOTES TO REPEAL OBAMACARE: 239 to 186, NINE Democrats voting for the bill. When it goes to the Senate, it will probably also pass. But we all know it is DOOMED when it gets to Obama's desk. That makes it a “gesture” bill that was never expected to pass. But what's going to happen to it when a NEW president, probably a Republican, is in office, with Republicans controlling BOTH houses? Obama hopes to have it so strongly entrenched by that time that it won't happen. But don't count on it.

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