Thursday, February 5, 2015

"National Security Interest?"

That's what Obama is calling releasing bloody murderers, child beheaders, child rapists, woman beaters from GITMO, so they can “swell the ranks of terrorists” with EXPERIENCED killers who simply go back and murder more innocent people. He SAYS that each one has 'PROMISED” not to do that—and he BELIEVES them. What kind of LOGIC says that shutting down GITMO is “in the national interest. It's major STUPIDITY. There is NO SCENARIO in which closing GITMO is in the best interest of national security! He has to be DELUDED if he believes that! But he doesn't believe that. That's just “the cover” for his treachery.

DISH DUMPED FOX? Not a chance. It would cost them too many viewers. 90,000 of them canceled their DISH accounts and were very “up front” as to why. As long as Fox wasn't there, why bother? Another 300,000 told them they would do likewise if Fox was not returned to the lineup. They just couldn't withstand the market pressure and agreed to a multi-year contract with Fox. DISH execs may be politically opposed to Fox using their network to “get the truth out,” but there's just too much money involved. They say “Fox's future looked grim” until the viewers spoke up, but I don't believe it. DISH needs Fox. Fox doesn't need DISH.

NO GUN? SELF-DEFENSE ANYWAY: The United States government is doing everything in its power to keep its citizens DISARMED, and thus defenseless. But you don't have to be defenseless when faced by a man with a gun. When a man points a gun at you and is close enough to touch, you can grab the gun, push it away from aiming at you, while punching him in the neck, just below where you would ordinarily hit him with your fist. Do it right, and he is a dead man, while you are still alive, with his gun in your hand. The cops will try and charge you for killing him, but at least you're alive to fight the charges. If he's further away, any nearby heavy object makes a good missile if you have a good aim.

ARE CHRISTIANS JUST AS BAD? Obama seems to think so. He cited some awful things Christians did during the Crusades that were likened to what Muslims are doing NOW. But notice he had to go back 1,000 YEARS to find them. Back to when people, AS a people weren't too bright about ANYTHING. Many still believed in pagan religions (a lot more than today), most of what was done in the Crusades was done in RETALIATION for what MUSLIMS did to Christians. But the important thing is, Muslims are doing bad things TODAY and they aren't too selective in just WHO they do it to. ”Any old Christian will do.” What was done back then was done by THE CHURCH, not “the people,” as is happening today. Yes, Islam is running things, but INDIVIDUALS are doing the atrocities. But basically he is saying, “They did it first, so it's okay for use to do it, now,” which is not only wrong, it's STUPID wrong!

CURBS ON ISLAM CRITICISM: That's what Obama wants, according to what he said at a recent prayer breakfast. He equated it to recent criticisms of Christians, completely ignoring the tendency of Muslims to KILL those they do not agree with. He forgets Islam is a “religion” based on a book written by a peasant who SAYS God (Allah) came to him and told him to write it, and become the “prophet of Islam.” (Yeah, right!) He ignores the fact that Islam NEEDS to be criticized for their atrocities, and putting “limits” on what criticism is allowed amounts to unconstitutional CENSORSHIP.
PEELOSI “SUPER SAD”: And that's about Netanyahu speaking before a combined session of Congress. She even thinks we should “rethink” “combined sessions,” as if she were still Speaker, which she is NOT. The reason for this is that she thinks having him speak indicates that we are in favor of Israel's RETALIATION against Palestinian attacks—which, for the most part, we ARE. Does she really think we care what SHE thinks about it? I think she should have been “ridden out of DC on a rail” after being tarred and feathered for her performance as Speaker.

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