Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pull Out the Stops

All of them. Obama needs to forget he pulled his troops out of Iraq before the job was done and go back in with everything he has and FINISH it. I know he thinks sending troops back in negates the competence of his pulling them out, and makes him look foolish. But his incompetence is so obvious he needn't worry about it.; We already know that, as ”commander-in-chief.” he is INCOMPETENT. So he should face it, and redeem himself by going back in and finishing the job he SHOULD have finished before.

BRIAN WILLIAMS SUSPENDED: NBC has suspended him for six months without pay. He'll probably have to get a job driving a cab or sacking groceries because I don't think anybody in the news game will ever hire him, again. Unless it's al-Jazeera, who are well known liars, anyway. He'll fit right in, there. Personally, I don't think he'll ever be back. They're just “kicking the can down the road” for the next six months and will probably convince him to resign then. He's finished. Keep your eye on him and don't let him buy a gun. Shepard Smith, of Fox (along with NBC), says he “deserves a second chance (which they say is why they didn't fire him, outright).” But I don't think we'll ever see him again. Nobody will ever believe what he tells them.

I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND”: Rush Limbaugh says he just “doesn't understand” why and how Hillary Clinton can be considered a “shoo-in” to be nominated, and elected president in the next election, with all the baggage she brings to it. I understand it. The liberals (Democrats) are committed to her presidency (unless another Obama comes along) and the news media, which is “in their pocket” is only “parroting” what they're putting out. She isn't really. They're just SAYING she is to build her phony credibility.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Don't they know that many Muslims are the ENEMY? Don't they know the things they espouse are inimical to everything we hold dear? Don't they know the “bible” of their ”faith” (The Koran) instructs them to HATE us because we don't believe the way they think we ought to? To KILL us if we don't “convert? For what Earthly reason would a school in Florida teach our kids about Islam? In spite of the strenuous objections of their parents? Do they WANT to lose their jobs? Don't they know that if the Muslims have their way, we'll all be praying to Allah five times a day while our women go around wearing TENTS?

JON STEWART LEAVING “DAILY SHOW”: So what? Who cares, except Jon Stewart? What's the big deal? It's yet another part of Obama's attempts to keep us talking about something else besides his “crimes.” Every day something else happens that captures the public's attention, and while we talk about that, Obama gets away with murder. Literally. Meanwhile, he takes over the Internet, citing “problems” that do not exist, except in the fevered brains of he and his accomplices. The other day, it was his crack about Christians being the same as Muslims in what they did a THOUSAND years ago—which was a LIE, itself.

OBAMA DELUDING HIMSELF: He's denying that the killings of several JEWS at a JEWISH KOSHER deli was an Islamic terrorist attack. He's going out of his way and looking STUPID to keep reports of Islamic terrorist atrocities down. Meanwhile, DC ignores all his efforts and the meaning INTELLIGENT people get from them. That meaning is he wants to HELP the Islamic terrorists in their atrocities! Somebody better wake up and DO something about him.

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