Sunday, February 8, 2015

Did We Kill Kayla Mueller?

I don't THINK so. The Islamic terrorists who kidnapped her and probably killed her a long time ago, say so. And that's all the “proof” we have. Frankly, if Islamic terrorists said “the sky is blue,” I'd have to look out and verify it. I don't believe a single thing these murderers and baby-rapers and beheaders say—EVER. Lying is part of their scam, and it is ALLOWED in the Koran. Her parents are BEGGING them to contact her. I don't think ANYBODY should BEG them for ANYTHING. They just take that as weakness. Just KILL them.

ISLAMAPHOBIA IS BULLCRAP! Word is, the basic reason why Obama does nothing to rescue these people who are kidnapped and killed by ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups (whatever name they use) is that they're afraid of being accused of “Islamaphobia.” What STUPIDITY! Islamaphobia, like “homophobia,” is a “made-up word” designed to allow the Muslims (or militant gays) to intimate that people who they accuse of it are being, somehow, mentally affected or guilty of bigotry.. What a LOAD! There are logical, good reasons to be against BOTH that do not involve bigotry OR mental deficiency. Only stupid people accept that appellation.

OBAMA'S A SABOTEUR! And he's doing his “dirty work” in full view of the American people while nobody does anything about it! He has appointed SIX members of the Muslim Brotherhood to his STAFF in DC. He is systematically emptying GITMO, the only prison dedicated to keeping some of the bloody murderers and child rapers out of the fight against us and therefore swells the ranks of their fighters, and he makes all kinds of excuses NOT to respond strongly to the atrocities committed by the Islamic terrorists. He's actively HELPING the enemy in their endeavors. When is SOMEBODY going to DO something about him?

HIRING BACK TAX EVADERS: If you or I evaded our taxes, we'd be in big trouble. We sure as hell wouldn't be able to work for the biggest tax collection outfit in the nation...or would we? Maybe not you nor I, but a number of former IRS employees who had their own tax troubles, as well as other administrative troubles, including mishandling of the tax information of others, have been recently been “welcomed back into the fold.” I guess with Obama's need for more tax collectors because of Obamacare, it doesn't matter if they broke the rules—or are likely to break them again now they know they can get away with it..

REPEAL AND REPLACE?” Not a chance. Yes, we need to repeal Obamacare. But we don't need to replace it with ANYTHING. It is the theory that we need to even HAVE a system where we the government pays for everybody's medical care that is in question. We're BROKE. Obama has SPENT all of our money and then some. Under “Quantitative Easing” he is “printing” trillions of dollars of money that does not exist. We just cannot AFFORD to accept another trillion dollar responsibility. But try and convince the politicians of that.

RESPECT, NOT HATE SPEECH: One liberal thinks we should stop calling liberals bad names. He's right. LIBERAL is a “bad name,” today. He doesn't just “believe in a different kind of life,” he believes in one based on the THEFT of services from those who PRODUCE new wealth for the benefit of those who do NOT. That is INTRINSICALLY wrong, and they should definitely be called on it. That's not “hate speech,” it's TRUTH. Calling it hate speech is merely an attempt to blunt criticism.

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