Friday, February 6, 2015

Stop Coddling Terrorists!

Obama likes to “coddle” the terrorists we capture while they're trying (usually successfully) to kill Americans (and others). GOTMO is supposed to be like the “prisoner of war” camps in WWII, even though Obama refuses to call the prisoners there “prisoners of war” so the “Geneva Accords” will not have to be recognized. He has instituted many “reforms” there, including giving them flat-screen TVs in their cells, and the latest being giving them access to “Skype” so they can contact their families (and their terrorist friends to give them orders and intel). Allowing them ANY kind of communication with the outside world is a BIG MISTAKE, but Obama intends to make it.

WHY CLOSE GITMO? Why is Obama so intent on closing GITMO without something to replace it? Unless he takes my advice to KILL all terrorists, wherever we find them (and he won't, since he's too stupid). There is NO real reason why we SHOULD close GITMO, except to help the terrorists in their efforts to kill us by replenishing their ranks. The purpose of CAPTURING terrorists is to DEPRIVE other terrorists of their services. Releasing them is not only counter productive, it is leading to the DEATH of many Americans, as well as others. He CLAIMS GITMO is “good propaganda” for the terrorists, which is a weak excuse and is a typical Obama LIE.

ARE YOU PRO ABORTION? Are you Catholic? NO, you aren't. You CANNOT be a Catholic and be pro-abortion. It's not possible. The Catholic Catechism says that, if you don't accept ALL things the Catholics teach, you CANNOT be a Catholic. That's what stopped me from converting to Catholicism early in my life, because there were things they preach with which I did not agree. Catholics are adamantly OPPOSED to abortion (as well they should be) since abortion is the MURDER, in the womb, of an innocent, helpless infant. And that CANNOT be right, EVER.

MORAL EQUIVALENCY? Obama, the other day, tried to draw a moral equivalency between what the Muslim terrorists are doing TODAY to what the Catholic church did during the “Crusades,” which was IN RETALIATION for what the Muslims did to Christians, then. Yes, what they did was an abomination, but it was done by the CHURCH, not the people. And it was not done because somebody wouldn't “sign up” to be a Catholic, it was to avenge the atrocities of the Muslims of that day. They finally realized what they were doing was wrong, and stopped. The Muslims never learned this lesson. There's NO “moral equivalency.”

PIG FARMER WON'T MOVE: Muslims bought the land next to a pig farmer, well knowing what he does for a living. Then they went to him and told him to move, because they don't like pigs. WHAT? Talk about ARROGANCE! He not unexpectedly told them to “go to hell”  (when pigs fly) and when they put pressure on him, he started holding “pig races” every week, just to piss them off. Knowing Muslims, they'll probably find a way to KILL him because he won't “knuckle under” to their demands. I'll be watching as this develops.

CONGRESS SHOULDN'T BE A POLITICAL ARENA”: That's what the politically dumped leader of the MINORITY party (Nancy Peelosi) said the other day about the MAJORITY leader inviting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak. What the hell does she think the congress IS? That's ALL it is! It's where people come to ARGUE politics before making decisions (some good, some bad) about what laws to make. This is illustrative of the IGNORANCE she brought to the House. Every time she opens her mouth she does it again.

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