Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Carson: A "Front-Runner"

Dr. Ben Carson, a stout conservative who is a “right thinker,” is now a “front-runner.” And all it took was for the Southern Poverty Law Center to put his name on their list of “extremists.” Talk about “unexpected consequences!” They thought they were HURTING him by doing that. But intelligent conservatives used that listing to tell them he was “the man for them.” Since that first speech he gave, with Obama sitting right there listening while he “slapped him in the face,” I've thought he was probably the man. Now it has been further confirmed.

WILL HE “DISAPPEAR?” We ran a piece recently about the CEO of the Gallup Polls worrying about ”disappearing” because he “revealed” Obama's biggest scam; the one where he stops counting people who “give up” ever finding a job and stop looking for work, so all he had to count for a “jobs figure” is the ones still looking. I doubt that will happen because he isn't the ONLY source for that info. Way too many people know about that scam and Obama can't eliminate that from the equation by getting rid of him.

OVERSTATING TERROR THREAT”: That's what Obama says, hoping to make them “lighten up,” while terrorists behead CHILDREN and adults and kill innocent people all over the world. And even BURN people in cages while recording it for the world to see. Yeah, the media is “overstating” it. Seems to me the media is just REPORTING what the Islamic terrorists are DOING. If that's “overstating it,” I'm for that.

WORSE THAN TERRORISM: That's what Obama says about global warming (whatever they call it now). His former chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel, now Mayor of Chicago, once famously said, “Never let a good panic go to waste” (Without anybody remarking on it). Now, instead of just being AlGore's ATM, Obama is now using it to help him promote HIS swindles. All this over a ONE DEGREE INCREASE in temperature over 100 YEARS! And the FICTION that it is man-made.

WE JUST DON'T KNOW: Is Kayla dead? Did Jordan kill her in one of their air raids in response to the public burning of a Jordanian pilot? Or is she still alive while the terrorists are just working on the “heartstrings” of her parents? Or has she been dead even before that, after they raped her repeatedly?) We just don't know. We can't depend on ANYTHING those fools tell us to be the truth. If it increases the terror, they'll lie like dogs in the hot sun. And to lie is APPROVED in the Koran (whatever they call it) to advance the agenda of Islam.

POLAR BEARS ARE FINE: The environmentalists tell us the polar bears are in trouble, and that's a LIE. They tell us the nice floes are melting, giving them less areas to rest on. No, they're NOT! That's ludicrous! Polar bears can swim for hundreds of miles, and they LIKE to swim. And their numbers are INCREASING! There are more polar bears now than ever before! They tell us the Earth is “warming” rapidly (ONE DEGREE INCREASE IN 100 YEARS), and it is NOT. The Earth has NOT been “warming” for more than 15 years. They can't answer that, so AlGore changed the name of their swindle to “climate change” so ANY change in the climate could be attributed to it.

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