Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wars We've Lost

World War II is the last war America won. Ever since then, we've been suffering under the thumb of incompetent ;liberal politicians who won't LET us win a war. They forced us to “cut and run” from Vietnam and created that humiliating picture of people crowding onto a rooftop to get on the last helicopter out of Vienam, after which the enemy murdered many people unhindered. In Korea, they signed a bogus “peace” that left the North Koreans in place to step on their people some more. Today, they're doing the same regarding Islamic terroriosm. We're probably going to lose that war too, because of it. I'm glad I won't be around to see most of it. Like 91-year-old Henry Kissinger, I'll be dead of old age—if some fool doesn't kill me to shut me up.

THE AG NOMINEE IS WRONG: The nominee to replace Eric Holder as attorney general is proving to be as bad as he is in her “worldview.” She says ILLEGAL aliens “have a right to work,” but doesn't say much about the “right to work” of LEGAL residents, and LEGAL immigrants. Yes, they DO have a “right to work” as both natural and naturalized CITIZENS of this country. But ILLEGAL aliens who sneaked into this country in the “dark of night” DO NOT. Yet the lady who will probably be our next attorney general has SIGNALED that she will allow ILLEGAL aliens to take the jobs that should go to Americans. (Update: Now she has said the Taliban is "misunderstood," and that they're NOT Islamic terrorists, they're just armed insurgents who use terrorist methods.

ISLAMIC STATE NOT ISLAMIC: In one of his stupidest blathers ever, Obama, through his accomplices in the White House, has said categorically that Islamic State militants (their own name for themselves) are NOT Islamics. How damned STUPID is this fool? If they aren't Islamics, what the hell ARE they? They are even claiming the United States is an “Islamic country.” Which is just about as stupid a statement I've ever heard.

NOW IT'S SHEEP FARTS”: Never mind industrial pollution, environmentalists are more worried about the effect on the environment of SHEEP FARTS. They're already charging ranchers a fee for each head of CATTLE on their ranches because of the effect of COW FARTS on the environment. You just can't make this stuff up, folks! If we think of ANYTHING that is monumentally STUPID, liberals will think of it too, and tax us on it.

HILLARY CAUGHT ON TAPE: Hillary is learning that she can't make stupid statements like “What difference does it make?” that four people are dead of her incompetence in Benghazi and that she foolishly thinks corporations don't create jobs, when they DO unquestionably do so. Government certainly doesn't, if corporations don't pay their taxes so government will have the money to “create” GOVERNMENT jobs. It's all on tape and will be around forever, even if they wipe the GOVERNMENT versions of the tapes in a cover-up. Not like the “bad old days” when they could say just about anything and people would forget it by election time. That crack about “What difference does it make?” by itself DISQUALIFIES her to ever be president, in my mind.

JOHN BONER INSANE: Yeah, I called him “Boner.” that's not a misspelling. it was intentional because re-electing him majority leader of then Senate WAS a “boner.” And any other insult that applies, too. He is the major reason why Obama is still “making laws” with his pen. Now he says of himself, “I was Tea Party before there WAS a Tea Party.” He's as deluded as Obama! He doesn't even know what the Tea Party movement IS. He HATES it, and has been trying (from behind the scenes, of course) to discredit the Tea Parties because he's AFRAID of them.

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