Sunday, June 22, 2014

Who Can Arrest Obama?

The “Sergeant At Arms” of the Senate is the ONLY one who can do it. And it has never happened in the history of the United States—yet. So far, they’ve never caught a president in an act of clear criminality. Except maybe Bill Clinton, who LIED to Congress. But that’s only a “crime of procedure.” Frankly, I think the current one needs to get his handcuffs ready for Obama. The only reason Obama has avoided it so far is that there’s no personal penalty prescribed in the Constitution for politicians who ignore it.

FOR BEING A CLINTON: Why did Chelsea Clinton get paid $600,000.00 for her FIRST job after she left school? And a PART-TIME JOB at that? What kind of talent did she bring to the job that was worth that kind of money? NONE. Except she is the daughter of Bill Clinton, and to give her that much money might influence bill to tell his friends in government to “go easy” on NBC if they “screw up” and reveal something he doesn’t like. Or maybe if Hillary gets elected president. Maybe Bill or Hillary could borrow some money from her, seeing how “broke” they are.

LIBYA IS PISSED: They’re angry that we came in and captured one of the terrorists who perpetrated the Benghazi killings. He swears he was there to HELP his countrymen who were SUPPOSED to be PROTECTING the consulate, but weren’t, and probably were helping the TERRORISTS. We’ll probably never know because Obama isn’t interested in finding out. As to Libya’s whining, pound sand, Libya!

HOMOPHOBIA DAY: This is going to get me in trouble, but it has to be said. “Homophobia” is a “made-up word” that attempts to make people who are against homosexuality seem to be somehow “mentally deficient.” May 17 was the “International Homophobia Day,” celebrating this phony word. Some people don’t like homosexuals, and in a free country, they have that right. I, personally, don’t have anything against people who wish to have sex with someone of the same sex as long as they don't try and push it on me or mine.. But some do, and I respect that right. Gays will probably come down on me with both feet for being fair, but I can handle it.

WHAT ABOUT VOTER FRAUD? Democrats say it does not exist—except for those times when REPUBLICANS do it. Sound like something they’d say, doesn’t it? When Republicans say DEMOCRATS are engaged in election fraud, their usual response is that “nobody has found widespread voter fraud by Democrats.” And they’re right. Nobody HAS. Mostly because nobody has ever seriously gone looking for it. When you don’t LOOK for something, you’ll never find it. Maybe we need somebody to REALLY look for voter fraud among Democrats. I remember one Instance last year of one DEMOCRAT who BRAGGED about voting several times. And she was an ELECTION WORKER!

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