Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lost Her Job

Just a few days ago Diane Sawyer interviewed Hillary Clinton and did not confine herself to “softball questions,” asking several MEANINGFUL questions Hillary obviously didn’t want to answer. Within ten days, Sawyer was “stepping down” from her position at ABC’s “World News.” Was it because she was “mean to Hillary?” I don’t know. But the timing seems awfully strange. At the same time, liberal George Stephanopolous, who infamously “lied to his diary” during testimony in a previous investigation, took over as “Chief Anchor” for five news events (whatever that means). They SAY she will “create innovative television specials and events,” whatever THAT means.

HOIST ON THEIR OWN PETARD: Obama and other liberals like to demonize ANYBODY who makes more than $250,000.00 A YEAR! Then Bill and Hillary Clinton go ut and make speeches at $250,000.00 a POP! And she insists they are not rich. What a bunch of hypocrites! Every one of them is richer than Croesus, while they demonize WORKING people who make as much in a YEAR as they do for ONE SPEECH. What Damned FOOLS they are! Of course, liberals have never been known for logic, or even their intelligence.

“SCHOOLING” OBAMA: Somebody needs to “school” Obama on the fact that the Congress is an EQUAL PARTNER in governing the United States. They are in NO WAY subservient to him and they are NOT required to do his bidding. Further, he cannot just “go around” them if they don’t vote the way he likes. He’s not “the boss” and cannot require their action in a manner that he approves. He is NOT a king, nor is he a dictator. Their job is NOT to do as he wishes. If they do not vote to please him, he cannot just ignore them and “do it administratively.” Everything he “does administratively” must be preceded by a vote of the Congress, or he cannot do it, legally. He needs to learn that.

THIS IS OBAMA: I don’t know if he really said this, or not. Somebody posted it on Twitter. But it sounds so much like him, I could believe it. “Pres Obama slammed the Supreme Court today asking, ‘What gives them the right to challenge my edicts? Seriously who do they think they are?’ " What he did do is to announce that, Supreme Court or not, he is going to keep on making those appointments, whatever the Supreme Court says. Now is that arrogant, or not? The Supreme Court DOES have that right. That is their JOB.

OBAMA TO BE A DICTATOR? Many Democrats are urging Obama to act as a dictator; to make laws on his own if “the Congress fails to act” on his edicts. That seems to be one of his themes, as if the Congress was his to order around, and do it anyway if they didn’t act. He apparently doesn’t understand that the Congress is HIS EQUAL. Not his to order around. And if they “do not act,” that should tell him something: that he can’t do what they won’t ALLOW him to do. But he thinks he’s “the boss” and can do it himself if they “don’t act.” Obama has violated the Constitution almost every day since taking office. He needs to be punished for it.

FOUNDERS’ BIG MISTAKE: The Founders made one of the biggest mistakes ever made when they failed to include a prescribed PUNISHMENT for any politician arrogant enough to blatantly IGNORE the  Constitution. Obama is the worst for that, but he’s not alone. Politicians all over the country have been ignoring the Constitution every day, making unconstitutional laws and ordinances. That’s because they know the only thing that can be done is to reverse their laws and ordinances, that have likely been ENFORCED, destroying many lives, until declared unconstitutional, and they will not be PUNISHED.

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