Monday, June 16, 2014

Lipstick On A Pig

 Put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig. Even Google is getting into the business of painting “right-wingers” as bigots. Google “bigots” and find out. But the fault is not all Google’s. The definition comes directly from the Oxford Dictionary, which seems to be working right along with Democrats to paint Republicans (and other right-wingers) as bigots while IGNORING their own EVIDENCE of past and present bigotry. Right-wingers are NOT bigots. Left-wingers ARE. “You can put lipstick on a pig but he will still be a pig.”

STUCK ON STUPID: People like Wendy Daviis (D-obviously) are “stuck on stupid” and she thinks we are, too. She says, “Republicans don’t like people who don’t look like them,” which is not only a LIE, but is a RACIST lie. She’s as much of a racist as she THINKS we are. And she’s running for governor of Texas. To me, even MAKING such a statement would disqualify her from running for dog catcher. But or liberals, it is a “resume enhancement.” They’re as stupid as she is.

“TEA PARTY NAZIS”: The shooters in Nevada who killed people, then placed a “Gadsden flag AND A Nazi flag on one of the bodies in a blatant attempt to blame the “right wingers” for the shootings just don’t understand what the Tea Parties represent. Nothing could be further from what the Tea Parties stand for than Nazism. Tea Parties stand for individualism and the free market, among other similar things; The Nazis are SOCIALISTS; always have been. Nazi is short for the “National SOCIALIST Party.” What fools these killers are!

MOCKING CONGRESS: Obama mocked Congress the other day when he bemoaned them REJECTING global warming, like that was something stupid. He says they reject the “science” involved, and he’s right; it is “pseudo-science” and has been DISPROVED many times over. But he insists on spending more and more of our money to “fight” it. I don’t think HE even believes it, but he’s willing to PRETEND to believe it so he can EXPLOIT it. He’s WAY behind the “curve” on this, but he insists he’s right so he can get as much out of it as possible. It’s just another one of his cons.

“URGENT NEW NEWS”: I just got an urgent e-mail telling me that the terrorists in Benghazi had captured a bunch of State Dept. cell phones and were using them to direct the attack on our embassy, while we listened in on them, real time. Which proves Obama’s view of it is patently phony. Only problem is, that’s not new. I’ve known about it for days, now. It must be awful to find out the “news” you thought you were giving somebody FIRST was NOT news to them.

RACIST BOOK STORE: The owner of one bookstore (which I will not name) says they ONLY sell books by or about “people of color,” excluding white authors—which is racist. She says that proves there is a market for them, then, in the next breath begs people to buy as many books from them as they can because they’re not making enough money to keep the doors open. What a stupid broad!

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