Thursday, June 5, 2014

Teenager Flummoxes Peelosi

The media has not, in my memory, ever asked a Democrat a real question, saving those for Republicans. But this teenager flummoxes her with one question. Maybe we ought to ask more teenagers to come up with questions for “top” Democrat politicians to answer. Let them show how stupid and out of touch they are. That is, when they don’t do it themselves in normal conversation.

HELPED PASS TAX LAW SHE’S PROTESTING: Gretchen Carlson, in Texas, helped pass the very tax law that is now making it impossible for her to own her own property. As an aside, I’ll ask, what gives the government the right to make us PAY for the right to own property, in addition to what the property cost in the first place? I know they need to con us out of more money somehow, but $8,000 tax on ONE property in a year seems a bit much—and I don’t even have to pay it. I guess she thought they were only for us—not for her. Like most politicians.

BAIT AND SWITCH: Texas currently has no income tax, which draws people to move to that state like a lone light bulb in the dark draws moths. But they don’t mention their oppressive property tax. Now they’re considering applying an income tax, too. Now those people are living there and it would be hard to move, so they might soon be paying BOTH taxes. How’s that for a good “bait & switch” plan?

MURDERED CHRISTIANS: Thirty Christians were hiding in a church in the Central African Republic (CAR), trying to hide from the “unrest” outside their church, when it came inside their church. Islamists MURDERED them in cold blood. Because they were Christians, I presume. Why does it always seem to be Islamists who do things like this? I suppose they’ll call me an “Islamaphobe” for mentioning this truth. That’s how they usually stifle criticism, but it doesn’t work with me. I see what I see and say what I see, and to hell with their phony “made-up word.

INDICTED, BUT STILL CONSIDERED: Doe ANYTHING bar a liberal politician from consideration for high office? Sen. Leland Yee, a fierce anti-gun fool, has been INDICTED for corruption and gun-running, among other things, yet California (where else?) voters placed him in THIRD PLACE in a vote for Secretary of State. What does it take for stupid voters in California to reject a criminal in office? I guess that’s the root of their problems—their tendency to elect known crooks.

NO “WALL-TO-WALL” COVERAGE: I’m not going to give the trade for Sgt. Bergdahl for FIVE murdering terrorists “wall-to-wall” coverage, but I will mention that terrorist attacks became much better targeted after he left his camp and went LOOKING for them. He was living with them for FIVE YEARS, but was it as a prisoner, or a FRIEND? Seems to me he was instrumental in creating a fine victory for them by getting five of their top terrorists released.

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