Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Cutting and Running"

Sec. of State Kerry says, “We’re ending our combat role in Afghanistan,” which, translated, means, “We’re going to ‘cut and run’ from Afghanistan.” Obama talks about “the cessation of hostilities in Afghanistan.” But did anybody ask the Taliban if THEY were going to “cease hostilities?” I don’t think so. Ask the victims of their five-hour attack on an airport the other day. That doesn’t look like “ceasing hostilities” to me. Obama is just so wimpy he wants to get out, so he can CLAIM to have “ended two wars” Bush started.

THAT TERRIBLE HASHTAG: Boco Haram was so terrified of Obama’s terrifying Twitter hashtag that they went out and kidnapped 20 more females. This time grown women. That hashtag really put “the fear of God in them, didn’t it? Damn, I’d hate for Obama to out a hashtag on me. I’d have to go out and do more bad things to let him know—I don’t give a DAMN about his hashtags. Just as Boco Haram did when they flipped us off by taking 20 more women.

WHAT IS OBAMA DOING? He’s doing everything he can to alienate as many groups as he can in America. Why? Because he figures we aren’t really “exceptional.” He says ALL countries consider themselves “exceptional.” But they’re wrong. They can’t PROVE they’re exceptional; we can. We’ve bypassed EVERY country in the world that has been around for thousands of years in just the less than 300 years of our existence. And it’s the free market that did it. We’re the “destination of choice” for everybody who wants to better themselves, and for good reason, though that might not last much longer with Obama working to sabotage us at every turn.

HILLARY: “NO REGRETS”: She says she has “no regrets” about her “What difference does it make?” crack before Congress. That shows me more fully why she should never even be CONSIDERED to run for president. She’s too stupid. She can’t see how the deaths of FOUR innocent people because of her incompetence matters to the dead, as well as to their families. And she doesn’t give a damn, and can’t see why others do. That shows me her stupidity.

WHY SO MANY SHOOTINGS? Last week, there were three (count ‘em) mass shootings going on in three different places, and the media was dealing with a fourth, in Canada, the day before. Why? Because the fools in government insist on DISARMING honest people and leaving the way open for criminals and crazies, who have no trouble getting their guns illegally. They need to ALLOW honest people to be armed to counter this, but they won’t. They’re too stupid. This has PROVEN to be the solution, but they’re not listening.

“GUN-FREE ZONES” KILL PEOPLE: That’s a fact. It can’t be denied by intelligent people. But it IS denied by those ubiquitous anti-gun fools who can only see disarming HONEST people as a means to keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and crazies. You DON’T stop gun violence by disarming honest, reliable people. You only give the criminals and crazies a steady stream of unarmed victims. One day they’ll wake up to that, but not in my lifetime.

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