Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bergdahl A Deserter?

What’s more, he was a “friend” of our enemies in Afghanistan and so is his father, by his own admission. From what I know of our criminal president, that is the reason he traded FIVE bloody murderers to free him. People were KILLED trying to find him. He will be returned to American territory and get a “heroe’s welcome” somewhere that he does not deserve. He was NOT a prisoner; he DESERTED and stayed with the terrorists for FIVE YEARS to give them this singular victory. He is rumored also to have “converted” to Islam, himself.

OBAMA BRAGS ABOUT IT: His energy programs are going to “cause energy rates to skyrocket.” And he doesn’t care. He doesn’t pay electric bills, and as an ex-president, he never will. He wants to BANKRUPT the coal industry; an industry that is ESSENTIAL to the generation of power. He has bragged about that, too! What is WRONG with this fool? He wants to make this into a socialist country, and what he’s doing will accomplish that. If the country survives at all as we know it.

SOMEBODY NEEDS TO TELL HIM: Obama brags about “going around Congress” if they don’t do what he tells them. Is this man INSANE? Hasn’t he even READ the Constitution (that he used to TEACH about)? Doesn’t he know Executive Orders don’t apply to ANYHTHING but government agencies and employees? Hasn’t he heard about the “Separation of Powers?” And that’s REAL, not an idea in a LETTER, like the “Separation of Church and State.” Yeah, he’s “got a pen.” But his pen is not any more powerful LEGALLY than MINE is. Somebody needs to “slap him down.”

“POLAR BEARS ARE DROWNING!” That’s a big LOAD of pure bullsh-t of the kind we’ve become used to from the “global warming” (whatever they’re calling it, nowadays) bunch. They HAVE no “facts” to back up their BS, so they “make it up as they go along.” Like Obama does about everything. Polar bears don’t drown. Unless somebody shoots them without killing them, making it impossible for them to swim. Polar bears can swim for HUNDREDS of miles in the coldest water possible. Their numbers have never been HIGHER. Yet AlGore’s acolytes (fools) still claim they’re “in trouble.” And people who pay no attention to politics believe their lies.

“ACCUSING THE PRESIDENT!” Wolfe Blitzed almost came unglued when Jeffery Toobin, on CNN, said Obama “broke the law” when he released five bloody murderers without consulting Congress thirty days beforehand, a CLEAR violation of the law. Obama DID break the law, Wolfe! Whaddya want? Why do you call your colleague down for stating the truth? What kind of a damned fool ARE you? Oh; I forgot. A liberal fool. Gets pretty bad when you holler at someone on the air for reporting the truth. Is the president ABOVE the truth being reported about him? Kinda reveals your bias, huh?

RELEASE ALL GITMO PRISONERS? That’s what the father of that DESERTER who went over to the terrorists and stayed with them for five years wants to do. He says they’re being “sorely abused.” Of course, he forgets they (and their friends) murdered 3,000 people in one fell swoop on 9/11/2001. He says you can’t prove any of these men were involved, but they speak the same bullsh-t and most were responsible for the deaths of many. Apparently his son had the same beliefs, so he deserted. He was never a kidnap victim. He was there willingly.

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