Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tea Party Taking Over

That’s the hue and cry now, after they “took down” one of the biggest targets in the house, Rep. Eric Cantor, who said he would “destroy” the Tea Party. Only problem is, HE got “destroyed.” So now they can’t say any longer that the Tea Party is “dead.” Now they’re back to “The Tea party is taking over!” Putting out the word that the Tea Parties were dead was just “wishful thinking” on the part of both Democrats AND Republican elitists. Look for a lot more carnage in the house, as well as the Senate, soon.

OBAMA’S “SENDING HELP”: But he’s not sending help. He’s sending MONEY, as if that will do any good! He said he is NOT sending troops back, even while the Iraq army runs away from terrorist attacks. You can train them all you want, but if they’re yellow, it ain’t agonna help. He said that war was an “unnecessary war,” forgetting entirely that the terrorists used Saddam’s country as a “safe haven” and a “training center” for terrorists. Taking him down removed that and forced them to go elsewhere. Now they’re back.

HILLARY GETS A SURPRISE: A real question from the liberal media, which, until now, only asks her “softball questions.” She, and other liberals, just aren’t used to that. They’re used to the liberal media being willing to cover up everything liberals do. They’re changing now, and she just isn’t used to it. They ask a slightly strong question and she complains, saying “They’re unfair!” NO, they’re not unfair; they’re merely doing a little bit of what they’re supposed to do because they’re getting tired of covering up your messes.

INVASION OF CHILDREN? That’s what’s going on right now. Somebody South of the border is sending hundreds and hundreds of CHILDREN across the border into the United States, figuring we will never do anything to hurt children and we won’t just send them back. They’re right. We’re playing right into their hands and are “warehousing” these children until we can figure out what to do with them. It’s just yet another attempt to get around what border control we still retain.

COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS: How long has it been since nobody DARED admit any connection to the CFR? Now our top politicians openly speak before that group of “socialist/one-worlders.” There seems not to be ANY stigma attached to it today. I think that’s a good indication how far we’ve been moved toward collectivism (socialism). Members of our government have long been members of the CFR, but they kept it a secret. But now our very PRESIDENT is a collectivist and they no longer give a damn.

NO LOGIC TO IT: When pressed to say why Eric Cantor was beaten for his seat in the House, they come up with that old saw that people just don’t like Jews. Really; then how did he get elected in the first place? The same is true of those who say anybody who disagrees with Obama in any way are racists and they don’t like him because of that. Which begs the question, “If that is true, how did he ever get elected?” This tells me politicians are good at fooling themselves.

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