Friday, June 20, 2014

Dems Tell GOP How to Win

“Rush: Republicans have been told, ‘You'd better support amnesty, and you'd better support an open border, and you'd better support them 'coming out of shadows,' or you're never gonna win’." Like the Democrats are interested in the Republicans EVER winning an election. Gimme a BREAK! If they follow the “instructions” the Democrats give them, there is NO WAY they’re ever going to win an election. And that’s what Democrats want. If the Republicans listen to them, they’re  LOST. And they probably will.

MICHELLE’S REAR END: Again, her skirt blew up as she got on Air Force One. Who cares? Who wants to see Michelle’s rear end? I certainly don’t. Should she be a little more careful? Yes. Even Obama could tell it was going to happen and he took steps to see that it didn’t happen. If Obama can see it coming, why can’t she? Does she WANT it to happen? I don’t know. I do know she likes all the attention to be on her at all times. A hard thing to do when you’re constantly with the president.

WEST: “WIN OR LOSE”:  “There are only two ways to end a war. Win or lose. You don’t just pack up and leave.” That’s LOSING! That’s what Obama did in Iraq, and is in the process of doing in Afghanistan. He’s bragging that he “ended TWO wars.” But ANYBODY can “end a war” by cutting and running, allowing the enemy to do as he pleases, killing people at will and destroying things. It has become obvious that’s what he did in Iraq, and the enemy is taking full advantage, killing people by the thousands and taking back everything we “fought and died” to win.

IRS IS FULL OF BULL: There is NO WAY you cannot recover the information they CLAIM is “lost” through a hard-drive crash. First of all, there are too many redundancies built into the system. Second, copies of those e-mails DO still exist on OTHER computers. They’re LYING through their teeth, which IRS is very good at. We need to have some computer EXPERTS go in there and “do their thing” and recover them, and destroy the IRS in the process.

KOCH DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: They gave $25 million dollars to the United Negro College Fund, and liberals are “jumping up and down.” They say it is “tainted money” and should be given back. They say it is “tainted with their political advocacy.” Liberals are insane. There is no such thing as “tainted money.” Money is fungible. It spends the same, even if given to you by “the enemy” (Which begs the question: “If they’re your enemy, why are they giving you $25 million dollars?). In fact, isn’t the very NAME of this organization RACIST? I’d get a lot of flack (and I’d deserve it) if I started a “White People’s College fund” and restricted recipients to while people.

OBAMA’S “MADE-UP FACTS”: He says, “40% of gun sales are made without background checks,” which is an outrageous lie. He includes gun transfers between family members through gifts and inheritance,  which are not sales at all, and seems to forget the “study” he sites was on a SMALL number of people. Further, the “study” happened BEFORE the new law mandating background checks went into effect; a typical Obama lie from an inveterate liar. All politicians lie, but I’ve never SEEN a president more prone to lying!

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