Sunday, June 8, 2014

Obama Knows They'll Kill again

 He ADMITS that he knows those terrorist murderers he released in return for ONE deserter and traitor will go back to their unit and kill again. That puts the blood of their subsequent killing squarely on HIM. But he doesn’t care; he got what he wanted, five more top terrorist commanders back in the fray to kill again. Frankly, I think the whole thing is a big scam, designed to get these men free. And I think Bergdahl is the instigator. They should put him so deep in  federal prison he’ll never see the light of day again, and his terrorist-loving dad with him.

IT’S TOO MUCH: People may say I’m going a little too far when I advocate “shooting terrorists on sight,” but I’m getting so tired of seeing them murder people by the hundreds every day with liberals all worried abut them being “confined for a long time without a trial” that I see no other equitable solution to the Islamic terrorist problem than to KILL as many as we can, every time we get a chance. Only by giving them NO MERCY can we come out on top. They’re too tricky. They think they’re better than we are, but that takes more than they’ll ever have.

“IN YER FACE!” Obama says, he will NOT apologize for trading five bloody murderers for ONE deserter and “would do it again.” And, of course, he did it without advising Congress, which is a clear violation of the law—a law HE signed, not too long ago. This fool thinks he doesn’t have to “go through Congress” if they won’t just “go along.” He has said, many times, “If Congress doesn’t act (when they disagree with him) I’ll do it without them.” Somebody needs to “take him down” and school him on the fact that he CANNOT legally “do it without Congress.”

IT MUST BE ORFUL: To be so stupid that you have scandals coming out your ears, a new one every day—sometimes every hour. But that’s Obama, and that will be his downfall. He’ll have so many scandals going on at one time he won’t be able to remember the lie he told yesterday and will contradict himself, thus giving away the scam. He says he’s not sorry for letting five mass murderers go and getting ONE turncoat deserter in return, KNOWING people are going to DIE because of it. But people have died because of his stupid mistakes before, so “What difference does it make?” To quote a woman whose name escapes me at the moment (thank goodness).

THEY JUST DON’T CARE: Obama is not a bit sorry for letting those five bloody murderers go to kill again. He KNOWS they will, and he doesn’t care. He’s crippling the energy business and causing energy costs, in his OWN WORDS, to “skyrocket.” And he doesn’t care. He has spent more money than there IS, which makes it harder on all of us, and he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care about ANYTHING unless it affects him, personally. And the rest of the liberals don’t care, either. That’s obvious when you hear some of the stupid things they say.

HOW RUSSIA BECAME COMMUNIST: By listening to Vladmir Lenin say the very same things Obama is saying to us, now! He’s talking about everybody having a chance to become a “big-money CEO” when our free market system NOW allows that. But he doesn’t recognize the fact that people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs started their careers in their GARAGES. As did just about every other CEO who wasn’t BORN rich, as were most of the liberals in Congress. He’s full of stinky brown stuff, as was Lenin. And if enough of us listen to him and believe his crap, we’ll end up just like Russia did for 75 years.

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