Thursday, June 19, 2014

Outlaw "Pigskins"

How many pigs are offended by this description of a football? When the Patent Office gets into the act in a private dispute between the owner of a football team and its owner by canceling his right to the copyright on the team name, they’ve gone too far. They’ve created a precedent that says the Patent Office has the right to interfere in private disputes by removing copyright rights from their owners at the WHIM of an unnamed, unknown bureaucrat. Which means they could also remove MY copyrights on my two books, and everything I’ve ever written, so ANYBODY could publish what I wrote under their own name. This bureaucrat, if he/she can be found, should be FIRED, summarily, with NO separation pay, no pension

CONFISCATING YOUR MONEY: Did you know the government can CONFISCATE (steal) your money and property from a safety deposit box or from your account if there is no activity on your account for THREE YEARS or more? It used to be FIFTEEN years, buy under Obama (the thief) that period was shortened to THREE years—and they never tell you when they do it and, I’d bet they tell the bank not to tell you, either. This is yet another example of how Obama STEALS from Americans. (The Blaze)

VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION: Greta van Susteren pressed Hillary about the government spying on the American people in violation of the Constitution and she used, as her excuse, that it was done because of 9/11 and it’s being “studied” with a view toward eliminating it, Yeah, RIGHT! Nothing is being “studied.” Obama is gaily INCREASING the amount of surveillance on Americans, WITHOUT A WARRANT. He doesn’t give a sh-t about the constitution, nor what you think; he has shown that on numerous occasions.

ATHEIST CHAPLAINS? Should they allow atheist chaplains? Yes, they should. Atheism, the way many people practice it, IS a religion in itself, and many people feel the need to go to SOMEBODY for advice on problems in their lives. They can't handle their problems themselves. That there is no God in their religion makes no difference to that need, and somebody should provide that counseling. There are many religions that have no God in their theology. Atheism is no different.

COPS BEAT UP DIABETIC: Cops are “hard-wired” to see ANYBODY who can’t respond to their orders as being drunk. In this case, this 70-year-old was a diabetic. He didn’t respond to their orders to get out of the car (he couldn’t) so they beat the hell out of him. Five minutes LATER they asked him if he was a diabetic. That should have been their FIRST question. It would have saved him a helluva beating. Back in my para-medic days, I saved a man from a beating by insisting he be taken to the hospital instead of the jail, or to the jail by WAY of the hospital. This is not an unusual situation. I wonder how many diabetics have DIED because of this with it covered up. Certain cops tend to lie quickly in cases like that.

SEATTLE RESTAURANTS SUING: In Seattle, Washington, where they passed an ordinance requiring a MINIMUM wage of $15 an hour, this Subway franchisee is in danger of going bankrupt if he has to pay his people that much. So he and others are suing the city to reverse it. Liberal politicians, not understanding business, and never having to “make a payroll” themselves, think all he has to do is “dip into his stash” of money to pay it. They’re too ignorant to understand that there is no such “stash.”

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