Monday, June 23, 2014

Hillary "Isn't Well Off"

That’s the latest bilge put out by the liberals as the world laughs at Hillary’s attempt to paint herself and Bill as “broke” after leaving the White House. Thus proving she knows NOTHING about being broke. In her world, unless you have $400 million dollars or more, you’re “poor.” And this is a world where they denigrate ANYBODY (except liberals) who make a lot of money by OUR standards. She’s only worth about up to $50 million, which, to her, is “peanuts.” Meanwhile, Bill BRAGS about how rich he is, which makes it harder for Hillary to convince us how broke they are.

LIBERALS ARE LIKE HILLARY: Most liberals are what you and I would call, “filthy rich (mostly inherited, not earned).” VP Biden whines that people shouldn’t “hold it against me that I’m not rich.” Chelsea Clinton “couldn’t care less about money.” Which just shows that “if you got it, you disdain it.” This “American Princess” who gets paid $600,000.00 by NBC ($26,000.00  MINUTE) for a job that isn’t even full time because she’s Bill Clinton’s daughter and Hillary MIGHT become president in the future (Heaven forbid!). These people have NO IDEA what it’s like to WORK for a living. Yet they claim they are “at one with the average American.” What FOOLS they are!

HICK BASHES HIS OWN GUN LAWS: Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper now says “If I knew more, I wouldn’t have signed the laws.” He says he didn’t have full information about the laws, and by the time he got it, he had already signed them. Now he tells the Sheriff’s Association that firmly opposed the laws that he “regrets it.” But still he does nothing to stop the laws from being implemented, nor does he do anything to get they repealed. It’s all a bunch of liberal blather to get himself re-elected again in a state that values its right to self-defense.

FOX’S NEW "GAM" SHOW: One thing I’ve noticed about Fox’s new “Outnumbered” show where one guy is “outnumbered” by FOUR women. They make a big thing about the man (who is a different man every day) being “outnumbered” by the women on the show, all of whom are “leggy” and wear short skirts, I suppose playing on the possibility that one of them might just make a mistake while crossing and uncrossing her legs. I think the show should be called, “LEGS.” I think it plays on the hope than most men will be sitting with their tongues hanging out over all those legs, But I’m OLD, so what do I know?

POOR BABIES! Did you know that anti-gun fools have LOST 54,000 jobs in media lately? Is it because of their obvious bias in favor of USELESS gun laws that not only DON’T stop guns from getting into the hands of criminals, but DO give those criminals a steady stream of unarmed victims? Is it because they IGNORE the fact that criminals don’t buy guns where they have to obey laws? That they don’t OBEY the laws those fools make? What I wonder is how so many of them have kept their jobs this long, anyway. It must be because their bosses believe the same way they do. And it’s only pressure from intelligent people that FORCED them to fire these people.

COURT OKAYS DRONE KILLING: Even if you are an American born killer, it’s okay to send out a drone with you as the target As long as you are part of an “anti-American group” fighting the United States, and it follows the “laws of war.” So I guess when Obama sent out a drone that killed Anwar al-Awlaki, it was okay. Frankly, his birthplace wouldn’t mean a thing to me when it came to killing a traitor to everything American. In fact, being “American-born” makes his perfidy worse than if he was RAISED in a Muslim environment. He got what he earned.

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