Friday, June 6, 2014

Obama's "Foreign Policy"

He has none. Or if he does, nobody (not even him) knows what it is. You try and figure it out, you find a big “fuzz ball” you can’t define. Just like his lack of a budget, nobody knows. Obama is incompetent as a president. He’s an excellent candidate for office. He’s good at stealing elections and “tailoring” things so he gets he votes. But when it comes to GOVERNING, he is “clueless.” Example: making a deal to release FIVE MURDERERS in return for ONE deserter WITHOUT notifying Congress THIRTY DAYS IN ADVANCE, according to a law HE signed, just recently into law.

DEATH SENTENCE FOR A CHRISTIAN: In Sudan, they’re going to EXECUTE a woman for “apostasy” and “illegal sex” with her own husband (because they don’t recognize marriage to a Christian). And these people think they’re better than us “barbarians.” What kind of a barbarian KILLS a woman because she doesn’t believe exactly the same way you do? And there isn’t really anything much we can do about these THUGS killing this woman for insisting on believing her own way. They’re the FIRST to holler about “religious freedom” in OUR country, while NONE exists in THEIR countries.

OBAMA WANTS TO LEGITIMIZE TERRORISTS: That’s why he violated the “no negotiations with terrorists” principle. Administration mouthpieces SAY they “didn’t negotiate with terrorists” because they “negotiated with Qatar, as a “go-between.” He thinks that means he didn’t REALLY “negotiate with terrorists” because he had a “go-between” to REPRESENT the terrorists. What a damned fool he is, to think that makes any difference!

IT WASN’T WORTH IT: Obama’s releasing FIVE terrorist murderers in return for the release, by the terrorists, of ONE American DESERTER who is wholly in favor of Islam, and whose FATHER speaks a Muslim prayer in Arabic while standing next to the president of the United States while Obama smiled and smiled, just was not worth it. Even if this guy was NOT a deserter who may have helped the enemy while living with them, MAYBE as a captive, maybe as a co-conspirator, five for one is not a good deal, at all, especially five top-level KILLERS

AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM: Liberals don’t like that concept. They don’t think ANYBODY should be considered “exceptional.” They want to kill any possibility of achieving anything. Forget this country is less than 300 years old and has exceeded anything that has been able to be accomplished by civilizations that have been around for THOUSANDS of years; that people all over the world spend every penny they have to come here and take advantage of that exceptionalism. They ignore the fact that people in Cuba have risked their very LIVES to come here. They HATE achievement, and want to punish it. To be exceptional is to ACHIEVE, and that, they hate, with a passion, forgetting that if they succeed in their efforts, THAT will be an achievement, albeit a negative one.

ENEMY OF THE STATE: Bergdahl’s father (and probably his son) is an “enemy of the state.” That “prayer” he recited in Arabic while standing next to Obama (that brought a smile to Obama’s face) wasn’t just a prayer. It was traditionally the Muslim way to “claim the ground he was standing on for Islam.” Which, to Muslim terrorists, a great victory. Robert Bergdahl IS an “enemy of the state” and couldn’t get away with his crap anywhere but here, with Obama “in charge.” Obama is OPENLY subverting us and nobody (except me) is noticing.

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