Sunday, June 15, 2014

Media Doesn't Understand Christianity

But they hate it anyway. They just don’t understand that Eric Cantor was beaten by the fact that he is an unreconstructed RINO. That’s Republican In Name Only. And he was so confidant he had it all “locked up,” he wasn’t even in Virginia when the election went down, although he spent a potload of money to beat David Brat. Which, of course, tells us that you can’t always win by “throwing money at it.” He has been saying the Tea Party was dead—a “pipe dream” to him. Now the media is saying, “The Tea Party is taking over” They’re right. There is going to be more “blood in the water” before this is over.

WE KNEW BERGDAHL’S LOCATION: Most of the time he was held by his kidnappers, we knew exactly where he was. But we didn’t bother to go in after him and kill his captors. Instead, we release FIVE bloody murderers to go back and gaily murder even more innocent people. These guys aren’t JUST terrorists; they’re terrorist GENERALS. They’re the guys who set up 9/11 and did most of the planning for just about every bloody terrorist attack for years before their capture.

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, ABU: When Abu Bakir al-Bagdadi was released from an American prison in Iraq, he told one of his captors, “I’ll see you in New York,” meaning he and his fools will one day invade New York. I hope, for his sake that never happens. He will find that Americans aren’t so easily conquered as ignorant Iraqis or Afghans are. Our army will not “throw down their arms” and run as the Iraqi army did (I’m talking about the army Obama ORDERED to leave both countries). You’ll find out what the Japs described as “a gun behind every bush” that kept them from invading the American mainland, and he’ll DIE.

THE DUMBEST THING EVER: What ever possessed FIFA “officials” to schedule the World Cup finals in Brazil, one of the most violent countries there is outside of the middle East? They’ve invited millions of people to come there for the games, many of which will be targeted and KILLED in the violence there. I wouldn’t go there on a BET, even if I liked soccer, which I don’t. And nobody else with any intelligence is going to go there, either. Which is going to seriously affect their income from the games. What the hell were they THINKING? That’s like holding the games in Berlin at the end of World War II. Stupid.

HER NOSE IN THE AIR: Have you seen a picture of IRS bully Lois Lerner lately? Her nose is always “in the air.” She’s always “looking down her nose” at us, just like Obama, her boss. She really thinks what she did, including sending names and addresses to the FBI to spark an investigation of “right-wing organizations” asking for tax-free status while she stonewalled their applications did not represent “doing anything wrong,” even thought there is a law against it. She definitely thinks she’s better than the rest of us. So does Obama.

LIBS CONSTANTLY INSULT CONSERVATIVES: They note that most members of the Republican Party are White Christians and Cantor was a Jew, making us a “party of bigots,” completely ignoring their own party’s history of bigotry. They ignore that Democrats were totally AGAINST the Equal Rights Amendment, and filibustered it. That many Democrats in Congress were (some still ARE) Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members. So how did so many blacks and Jews get ELECTED if we’re so bigoted? What FOOLS these Democrats be! But who cares what they think? They’re just not nearly as important as they think they are.

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