Sunday, June 1, 2014

It's Gonna Be Another Defeat

Liberals never give up. When they want something, they never give up. But what they’re trying now is going to fail. They’re trying to get football players to boycott playing against the “Washington Redskins”. These millionaires who love to play football and make a lot of money. It ain’t agonna happen. All the owners have to do is tell them they won’t be paid if they refuse to play against them and they win. If that doesn’t work, then FIRE every player who refuses to play against the Redskins, and it’s over. Liberals will have to go to the next plan.

IT’S INCOMPETENCE, DUMMY! Everybody was wondering why Obama doesn’t FIRE Shinseki over that VA Hospital scandal. You know, the one that is threatening to destroy the presidency of Barack Obama. So why didn't he fire him? Because Obama himself is incompetent to do anything except get himself elected to any office he chooses (Update: He fired Shinseki yesterday and replaced him with a guy who is just as bad). He has all the “behind the scenes movers and shakers” (liberal type” behind him ready to steal any election he chooses, but they can’t tell him how to govern and he has no idea how.

IT’S SIMPLE JEALOUSY: Liberals are always talking about “taxing the rich” at a higher rate than anyone else because somehow, they “aren’t paying their share.” How they came to that conclusion with the rich paying 86% of all income taxes paid is beyond me. But, liberals aren’t known for their logic. The wish to “tax the rich” (punish the achievers) more than normal people is simple jealousy that they have neither the intelligence, nor the incentive, nor ability to make that much money themselves and wish to take it away from those who do.

INABILITY TO RUN ANYTHING: The problems at the VA are just a symptom of the government’s INABILITY to run ANYTHING competently. They SAY that those problems shouldn’t be used to criticize their running of the medical and health insurance professions in the future. Why not? The VA mess showed their inability to run ANYTHING. So why would you think they could run Obamacare any better? Yet they work HARD to take over running everything they can, even though they are INCOMPETENT to do so.

“THAT’S TREASONOUS!” That was liberal Bob Beckel’s thought when he exploded over a co-host indicating she thought Obama’s opinions about the war in Afghanistan were “wimpy. I’d say get rid of Bob, except for one thing; he gives us one of the best examples of liberal stupidity on the air today as a member of “The Five.” It has been said, “When a liberal wants to show you how stupid he is, shut up and let him.” That’s my opinion about Bob Beckel. I think the other hosts agree. But I wonder how they can keep that show together with such stupidity a regular part.

WHY NOT RUN ALL? In the news stories about the Santa Barbara mass shooting where the shooter shot only three people and STABBED three more as they slept, media ran pictures of the GUN victims, but did not similarly run pictures of the stabbing victims. Why is that? Is it because the liberal media wants to promote “stronger gun laws,” but find nothing in stabbings to help them do that? This guy bought his guns LEGALLY so any laws against gun buying would NOT have stopped him from getting his guns. As a matter of fact, he could have gotten those guns ILLEGALLY as easily—or easier—than buying them legally.

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